Hot topics: The Voice, Alexa as thinspiration, and dirty beauty habits

Welcome to week two of our DDGD Hot Topics. Just like last week, we are posing 3 semi topical questions and we want you to spill all in the comments below.

Too easy, right?


1 – Are you watching The Voice? Do you love it? What do you think of Delta as a judge?

2  – Are you a nail biter? Do you sleep in your make-up? We want to know your worst beauty habit. Go on.. spill!

3 – This Instagram pic of Alexa Chung caused so much anti-skinny angst she took it down (and then made her account private). Thoughts??

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.

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1 - I am so in love with the voice. Normally I hate these shows, but these guys can actually sing!! That Kiwi woman last night who sang the Adele song actually made me cry! As for Delta... hmm... I do think she is trying a bit hard, but it is a new thing for her and new hosts often do, so hopefully she'll relax a bit as the season goes along (I love her normally!!)

2 - Nail polish chipper-offer, I have chipped nails, so as soon as I see a chip I end up picking the rest of my polish off. And yes, my nails are brittle now!

3 - Alexa is pretty thin, but she could have been born like that. And either way she is very gorgeous. I feel bad for skinny girls (the still actually healthy ones), because why is it ok to skinny bash, but you have to tip toe around a "curvy" woman??

DDGD - Kate

My turn!

1 - I have only seen one episode, but I do really like it. It is amazing how talented these people are!! (and yes I have also cried... twice!)

2 - All of them! I am a shocker. I peel of my polish, fall asleep in my make-up and have even been known to sun bake... sorry skin!!

3 - Her legs are about the same width as my arms... but having said that as long as she's happy and healthy who cares what size she is. I am also pretty sure she's always been fairly rake like, so I think it is sad that even she has gotten bullied online about her weight. I know some people are saying she's a bad role model... but why do you have to be a size 10-14 to be a good role model?? Sigh...


Ah yay - I was waiting for another one of these, the last one was so interesting!

1 - I haven't watched any of the episodes (singing reality tv doesn't really tickle my fancy) but my boss told me all about it. I heard Delta started crying because she didn't get picked as a mentor... but when you are up against Seal and Joel Madden, it would be pretty tough trying to swing people to choose you. As a judge, I think crying at something like that is pathetic and weak.

2 - I used to bite my nails but I used will power and stopped that. But I do sometimes fall asleep with makeup on, keep my makeup a little longer than I should, occasionally sun bake... the list goes on. Nobody is perfect!

3 - Her legs look extremely thin. If her legs and arms weren't that thin, but her body still was, she could get away with her size without any quarms (just keep wearing the type of thing she is in the photo). Nobody really has any place to criticise her weight though because it is a very personal thing.


Oh my goodness, I love the Voice, so amazing! So jealous, I wish I was on it.

No, I always take my makeup off 🙂 I am a good girl.


1. I watched the American version of The Voice, and i was hooked! Unfortunately I've been too busy for watching entire episodes, but i've seen snippets over the past 2 days. Looks promising so far!

2. I was a nail biter, but i have seen the error of my ways. If my nail polish starts chipping, i peel it all off. Then having one un-polished nail bothers me, so i end up chipping the rest of the nail polish on my other fingers off too. I do sleep in my make up some nights, because im too lazy to take it off or i actually forgot. Im also guilty of trying to pull mascara off my lashes on the odd occasion. whoooopsies

3. Like monisme said, weight is a personal thing. As long as she's healthy it shouldnt be a problem though, right?


Yay, great to see new talk topics, it's so interesting reading everyone's different views etc.

1 - Yep, sat down to watch it on Sunday as I was feeling super tired and needed some "mindless" television. I'm definitely not normally a talent show type of viewer but I'm admitting here that I think I'm hooked to this one! The concept of the blind auditions is a really great one and I too have had a couple of teary moments. Delta as a judge... hmmmmm, well actually the one part of the show that doesn't sit right with me is the cheesy love pouring when all the judges are trying to win over the singer. I've never been a big Delta fan, aside from her great style over the last few years, and the way she's been behaving on that judging panel certainly hasn't turned that around!

2 - I'm pretty good with my nails, never been a biter although I've been known to pick at them when they have peeled in the past tsk tsk. I also occasionally sleep with my make-up on which is probably by biggest beauty sin!

3 - This is such a tough topic. Alexa has always appeared super slim, but she does seem to have lost even more weight recently. But as other's have said; who are we to judge? It's a shame we live in a society were women's weight (whether deemed to heavy or too slight, by the media usually no less) is generally the first thing to be commented on. You don't (generally) hear the media talking about whether men are too big or small... It must be so difficult to be a woman in the spotlight these days, it seems they can never win!


1 - Love The Voice! Although, I'm a massive reality/talent show fan/tragic 🙂

Delta annoys me - noI think as others have said she is trying a bit hard. But good to have a female on the judging panel all the same. I have, however, fallen in love with Keith Urban! Seems like such a nice dude - ditto for Joel Madden.

2 - Worst habit is not removing eye makeup properly - I know I'm going to have the worst crows' feet when I'm 40, but I'm lazy!!

3 - Alexa's always been skinny, I think the contrast in this photo is just what makes her seem even skinnier. As most of the others have said, as long as she is healthy and happy (because we need to keep seeing her amazing outfits!;) )



1. We're so flooded with these talent shows that I no longer have any interest in them. I am moved by the ads as these people/contestants are clearly talented, however I never commit to watching it. I'm so over it.

2. Never, ever been to bed with make up on. I can't bear it. Cleaning my face is as important as brushing my teeth. But I also guilty of not removing my eye make up thoroughly. Often wake up with the panda look. Not hot 😛

3. This is a hard one. She does look a little skinny (her legs are wafer thin). But some people ARE naturally skinny, and it really hurts when people accuse you of being sick (bulimic) when you're not. If she's happy and looking after herself, what business is it of anyone else's? We're such a judgemental society. There's more to people than their weight. What happened to judging someone on whether they are a good person/talented/kind? *Rant over 😛


The Voice- I used to LOVE delta, but now she just seems to try a bit too hard . I watched the first episode and I have to say, she is definitely my least favourite judge. However the rest of the judges and the concept of the show, all really appeal to me ! Some absolute tear jerker moments so far!

Worst habit- If I am not wearing nail polish, I am a terrible nail biter! Nail polish is my only way of stopping! My other bad habits would include not sleeping with makeup on! As Im on medication that helps my skin, it doesnt really make me get any pimples or anything, but I know it's bad for me!

Alexa - I actually follow Alexa on instagram and saw the pic, and some of the comments were absolutely horrible. She replied after a while saying something like "Hello I am actually here and I can read". I feel sorry for the poor girl! Her weight isnt our business as long as she is happy and healthy. I think she's wonderful at any weight !


The Voice is amazing especially because no one gets put down (Even the people who don't get picked get told they are amazing singers- which they are!) so you don't have to listen to judges paying people out for the whole show. I think Delta is really sweet, it was really sad that it took so long for anyone to decide to be on her team.

My worst habit is probably picking at my nail polish and leaving my nails unfilled for too long so that they just end up snapping and looking horrible 🙁

It's really cruel that we bash anyone who's 'too skinny' or 'too fat', like how can anyone feel comfortable in their body anymore when we get accused of eating too much or too little just cause our bodies work differently to each other?


1. I actually haven't watched any episodes of The Voice. I caught the last 5 minutes or so last night, and it seemed pretty good.

2. Well.. sometimes I forget to put on sunscreen (I know, gasp, horror!) and I tend to only put it on my face, and usually forget about my arms and legs.

3. I think Alex looks perfect the way she is. And I know how she feels, I have this friend who keeps on calling my 'unhealthy' and 'anorexic' just because I'm a little skinny (not trying to brag or anything..) and it really annoys me because it's just the way I am! I was born like that and it's not like I can change my genes. I find it really offensive when anyone says anything like that to me, so I do feel a bit sorry for her.


1. So far I haven't watched any of the Aus version, mainly because these shows always make me cry and I heard before hand that it was going to be super bad (in a good way). I loved the US version though.

2. I am an awful nail picker as well, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there! As soon as the polish chips, I pick the rest of it off all my fingers. I also have to have all my nails the same length, or I bite the one that's longer, which is really bad.

3. It is really sad that people get judged on their looks. If she is happy and healthy, who cares what she looks like? I hate it so much when people talk about someone as if they are only what they look like, just because someone doesn't have the "perfect" body doesn't make them a bad person! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all 🙂


1. In all honesty, at times the thought of having to watch yet another TV talent show makes me want to cover my head with a paper bag BUT after a friend forced me to watch one episode, I have to say, it was a little addictive. Screaming obscenities at Delta via the TV screen (her attitude just seems too contrived and show-businessy..if that makes sense) and admiring Seal's neon nail polish made for a really fabulous Wednesday night. A tiny chance I'll watch another episode.

2. Occasionally after a really loooonnggg jam-packed day, I won't cleanse or use makeup wipes, simply scrub my face rigorously with water, throw on the moisturiser and rosehip oil and jump straight into bed (yes folk, even the Beauty Editor has her shame days!).

3. Eat!


1. After however many seasons of Idol and now Australia's Got Talent, another competition talent show is really not what I want to be watching. I did glimpse part of the first episode and I think the concept of winning purely on their voice and actual talent will either work really well or give someone their 5 minutes of fame.

2. Nail polish. If it starts chipping on my fingers, instead of reaching for the nail polish remover I chip the rest off. My toes on the other hand, I will leave nail polish for months! But that time it is usually so chipped and rather difficult to get off. I've also, mostly by accident slept in make-up a few times. I forgot I had it on! Cue waking up with mascara everywhere!

3. Alexa is looking a little on the thin side, but it is not right for people to be commenting on her weight and health the way they were. If you are neither personal friend or family, it's not your place, so please give the girl her privacy. As long as she isn't risking her health, and is happy.