Lippie Lust: The Clinique coral lipstick full of Karen Walker catwalk-cred

In my opinion, a coral lip should be a mandatory part of every gal's outfit. Think about it, it's fun, flirty and makes life that tad bit brighter (particularly in this icky, fickle weather). In fact, I dare you to find a shade sassier than this classic.  On that note, Huzzah! The geniuses over at Clinique have decided to spoil our pouts with their latest and greatest lip prod, 'Runway Coral' (totes appropriate), which is the brainchild of Clinique Global Colour Artist Jenna Menard, who designed this nifty shade exclusively for the Karen Walker New York September show last year.

“Karen wanted the models to look youthful and feminine with a sophisticated twist, so I kept the eye very simple, the cheeks healthy and then went for a strong, vibrant lip. I chose bright coral because it’s less expected than red,” she said.

So, if you're after a pout with some serious catwalk cred... you know what to do!


Clinique Runway Coral Lipstick, $36,

Image courtesy of Clinique

By Kristina Ioannou


  • monisme says:

    Coral is a great colour on your lips – heck, any bright is!

  • claudia.xx says:

    I love coral lipstick, such a fun colour to wear although I do normally associate it with the warmer months. I’m definitely going to be wearing it more this season to spice things up on bit!

  • prittykitty says:

    The lippy doesn’t go with my skin tone, I don’t think, but I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE TURBAN / HAIR! Definitely trying that one out!!

  • Bkz1 says:

    I love coral lippy. Looks great with a tan.

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