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In case you didn't get the memo, nail wraps are kind of a big deal in the mani world right now, so much so that a bunch of beauty brands are sprouting them out faster than you can say 'Quidditch' (don't get the Harry Potter reference? Me neither).  So as to bring your mani cred up a notch, I've gone talon hunting and have surfaced with an array of kitsch nail stickers that your claws will thank you for. They're easy to apply (I gave some Kit lacy ones a test-drive last week and fell deeply in digit love) and they're also easy to remove if you want to move on to the next set. Best part? Anyone and everyone will be able to afford these babies. Oh and bad-ass celebs like Rihanna, Gaga and Fergie don these on a regular basis. As does our Editor Kate. Enough said.

Not sure how to apply them? This mini tutorial will help (trust me, it's a cinch!):

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By Kristina Ioannou


Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)
Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)
Beauty Editor + Social Media Manager for Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily. I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lel' when I have nothing else to say. Lel.
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  • Saziya Parekh

    Kiss nail art stickers are the cutest one.. would die for…

  • GrizzlyFawn

    LOVE the galaxy ones!

  • Peta

    Love the smiley faces, so cute! I have also seen some little cupcake ones somewhere, which I love. Some of the prints are just a bit too grown up for me, however awesome they look on other people. The great thing about these stickers is the amazing range, no matter what you like you will find something!

  • Jacquelinee

    Love the ‘Kiss’ nails, really affordable too! I’ll have to try them out. :)

  • alexandrajayne

    The NCLA Aztec nails are to die for!!

  • Bkz1

    Thanks for this, they are so cute.

  • Tahrin

    Love these

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