Make it : DIY Earring Holder

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Make it : DIY Earring Holder | clique faves own content lifestyle ddg diy  pictures

Are your earrings just floating about everywhere? Do they seem to get lost very, VERY easily? Have they started taking up residence in places such as under you bed? Behind your cupboard? Under your draws?
If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions (or if you're like me, and answered 'yes' to all of them) then you're in dire need of an earring organiser. But not one of those boring, old, plastic ones. You need something cute, fun and creative! So why not try and make your own with this quick and easy DIY picture frame earring holder! And trust me, it'll look gorgeous just about anywhere!

You'll need:
• A picture frame of any size
• Lace - a bit bigger then your picture frame
• Scissors
• Tape

1. Gather all your materials.
2. If there is any backing on your picture frame or any glass, you need to take it out so there's only the frame.
3. Grab your piece of lace and cut it to size. You want it to be about 1-2cm bigger than your picture frame on each side.
4. Lay your piece of lace down and then lay the picture frame on top. Now bring up each side of lace and tape it to the picture frame. If the sides are very noticeable and sticking out, just cut them a bit before you stick them on.

And there you have it! A gorgeous little earring holder. Perfect for any type of earring, no matter how easily lost!

Make it : DIY Earring Holder | clique faves own content lifestyle ddg diy  pictures


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