Make it: Upgrade your choker with some tribal touches!


I love the choker trend at the moment. I love how a simple gold or silver choker works perfectly with an already busy printed or bold coloured top. But what about when the top is a bit on the plain side? Well this super easy tutorial will fix all that.
I'm going to actually try it with our the spikes, and with a more neon palette of colours, what about you?

- metal choker (similar here and here)
- spike beads (similar here and here)
- embroidery floss
- e6000 glue
- masking tape

1. Add a little glue to the center section of the underside of the choker. To create a symmetrical design, I did the entire right side first, then mirrored it with the same steps for the left side.
2. Cut one strand of the embroidery floss about 3 ft. Start from the center of the choker. Lay one end of the floss onto the glue and tape tape down the tip. Once the glue dries, you can remove this piece of tape. After wrapping it several times, you can thread the spikes through the embroidery floss to create your own design.
3. Cut your 2nd strand of embroidery floss about 3 ft. Once you are ready to switch colors, take your 2nd color strand and double knot onto the 1st strand (cut excess). You can continue to add glue onto the underside of the choker to keep the embroidery floss more secure as you wrap. Again, you can thread spikes through to create you own design.


4. Repeat the steps for your 3rd color. Once you are finished wrapping, add a bit more glue to the end of the strand and add masking tape to keep the end in place. You can remove the tape when the glue is fully dry. Now you can finish it off by repeating the steps for the left side of choker (I mirrored the same design). And voila, you have a SwellMayde Wrapped Tribal Choker! Enjoy!

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