Masterclass: Get good-enough-to-eat candy couture talons

Digits dipped in candy? Gimme' some of that! Unfortunately it's not real candy (boo!) but these stellar claws, courtesy of UK's Glamour Magazine, look just as tasty. And as the bitter cold weather annoyingly creeps up on us, you'll want to make sure your talons are radiant with bright, pastel colours like coral and yellows and happy-joy-joy polka dots to ward away winter woes. Thankfully this tutorial is so easy, you'll be scratching your head afterwards wondering what to do with yourself when it's done. Isn't it obvious? FLAUNT THOSE CLAWS BABY!


Step 3: Next take a nail dotter and dip it into Tangerine Taste, then quickly dab the dotter onto the Summer Place nail shade, holding it down for a brief second. The trick to this effect is to keep your polka dots in line.


1. O.P.I Start To Finish Formaldehyde Free (Base & Top Coat), $21.90,, 2. Nails Inc Nail Polish in Summer Place, $12.17,,  3. POP Nail Glam Pastel Nail Polish in Tangerine Taste, $10.54,

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By Kristina Ioannou


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