Organic make up: 40 fab organic, natural and vegan beauty prodz

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Organic make up & vegan beauty round up

After some pretty deep digging to find organic make up, and  natural, organic and vegan friendly beauty products that worked as well as their chemically dependent counterparts, I've emerged with a bunch of ahhhmazing options that are high up there in the eco-beauty ranking. If you're scratching your pretty heads wondering what exactly this 'green' term means, scratch no further (unless of course, you're REALLY, really itchy in which case... proceed). Eco-chic prodz are environmentally friendly beauty products that mean that most or all of the ingredients in the product are natural and not artificial. Many times it also means they were not tested on animals, do not contain animal-derived ingredients and are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. In other words, they're heaps good for your skin and the planet. On that note, enjoy Earth Mothers! a guide: (n) = all natural ingredients, (v) = 100% vegan, (o) = 100% Certified Organic.

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By Kristina Ioannou

What's your opinion of vegan beauty and  organic make up? Love it or can't be bothered with it?!


  • nettyballs says:

    This is amazing, thankyou so much for taking the time to do this, as a newbie vegan (been about 4 months now) i have been finding it so confusing to find vegan beauty products, this guide is fantastic, well done!!!

  • Victoria says:

    This is an excellent guide but I’m disappointed not all the products were certified cruelty free. A product may be “natural” but if it’s been tested on animals, it’s hardly “bunny friendly”.
    I’d lvoe to see more of this sort of thing in future with an emphasis on products from companies who don’t animal test!

  • monisme says:

    What a wonderful guide :-)

    It amazes me that some beauty companies still test on animals when the majority of their consumers are opposed to it.

  • monisme says:

    oooo and I just realised LimeCrime made it… I LOVE LIMECRIME! I have way too many of their lipsticks and they are incredible. So bright and so much coverage, not to mention they feel great on your lips :-)

  • GrizzlyFawn says:

    This list is great, I hadn’t even heard of some of these brands before- definitely going to try out some of the vegan ones :)

  • Laura says:

    Thankyou, sooo sooo much for putting this list together. Really appreciate it xx

  • beautybabe says:

    Great article!! I have only just started using natural skincare products and this is very helpful. Thankyou!! (:

  • claudia.xx says:

    I try to use natural and vegan products as much as I can but sometimes when theres something I really love that isn’t i’ll buy it anyway. It makes me feel like i’m doing a small part in helping the world haha!

  • Alishes says:

    Thank you for this fantastic guide. So many awesome products, so little time. I didn’t realise that Urban Decay was vegan! Yippee! Not that I needed another reason to buy that naked Palette.

  • misspinkcat says:

    Natural and vegan products is definitely best for the skin and the animals.

  • Abi says:

    This guide is great, so helpful! I’m a massive fan of all 100% Pure products and an Australian brand called Ere Perez. I write about all my favourite organic makeup products on my blog if you’re interested.

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