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Pastel locks in a plethora of pretty shades is (can I swear on this?) the sh!t. No, really, I've been pinning the dip dye hair trend like crazy and it's incited some serious hair envy which has made me want to submerge my  locks into a bucket of fairy floss pink dye (via a vat of bleach... I am a natural brunette) so as to imitate this wicked-cool style.

And trust me when I say, this ain't your manic-panic you-still-need-to-be-wearing-a-training-bra-to-pull-it-off  hair trend fad from high school. Bloggers, celebs, even your Nan are fast catching onto the dip dye hair trend (ok, well maybe your Nan has been rocking the blue rinse for a while... but still!) with the likes of Ashley Olsen, Ciara, Kate Bosworth and Lauren Conrad jumping cheerily onto the pastel mane bandwagon.

If you too want an exclusive membership to the sorbet tresses club, just pick your favourite pastel shades like baby blues, pinks, purples and silvers (or all of the above), and you'll have your golden hair-ticket in no time!

Dip dye hair trend images courtesy of 1., 2. , 3., 4. 5., 6.

By Kristina Ioannou

How much are you loving this hair trend & which pastel shade is your dip dye hair crush?


  • Tess says:

    Currently trying to decide the next move for my up-coming hair appointment… Is this the right one to choose? Pastels don’t generally work well against my skin with clothing… but I do love the second shot with the blue… Hmmmm, decisions decisions!

    • DDGD - Kate says:

      Not to peer pressure you or anything …. but…. do it, do it, do it 😉

      Or just get some hidden blue highlights maybe… or the feathers (like I suggested to Mon), the feathers look really great! x

    • Tess says:

      Lol! Well I’ll certainly ponder it and I usually give the ultimate decision making power to my gifted hairdressers, it’ll be interesting to see what they say!! Hmmmm, wonder what the man would think too… but seriously, who cares?! hehehe

      Thanks for encouragement Kate :)

  • monisme says:

    ooooo number 5 is amazing! I wish I could dye my hair, I am too scared I will lose the wave and the curl!

    • DDGD - Kate says:

      You could always try getting some coloured feather extensions mixed through to add some hints of a hue instead :)

    • monisme says:

      Funny you should mention feather Kate – I clamp bright blue and some natural coloured feathers to my tresses to create some interest with my hair. I have seen the feather extensions and they intrigued me, but again I am whimpy and don’t want it to ruin my hair. They don’t damage it do they?

    • DDGD - Kate says:

      Not at all. My friend has them, and her hair is the shiniest/healthiest hair you’ve ever seen. They are attached to the strands with this weird little beady thing (that is removable), so it’s a no commitment option.

  • cathi123 says:

    I totally love the whole concept of this look. I always did like to be different and unique. Numbers 2 and 4 look amazing. If only I were 30 years younger… This is a look that would have suited me way back then and I’d have had the courage to do it!

  • Alise says:

    Number 5 I think my my new do in May.
    Pity i have to drive 5 hours to get my hair done, but so worth it in the end.
    No one else will do my hair this crazy

  • Jacquelinee says:

    They’re all so lovely, if only I were brave enough to take the plunge.

  • beautybabe says:

    Love this look. Such pretty colours! (:

  • Caz says:

    I love these looks, 3, 4, 5, are my faves, wish I was brave enough to do it myself.

  • Alishes says:

    I’m loving number 5. I’ve been crushing on your dip dye pinboard and am seriously considering adding some pastel ends when I visit my hairdresser in two weeks. Not sure how it will go considering I am a brunette (and I’ve already tortured my hair so much) but I’ll let my masterful hairdresser work that one out.

  • Gillian says:

    I love them all so much! Shame, I don’t think it would suit me, i’m quite tan :( and also would it cause a lot of damage to bleach my hair, as i’m naturally dark brunette? :)

  • TibbyLee says:

    I have pink ends at the moment as im blonde. my hairdresser did it for me, i love it!

  • mjc7 says:

    i really love this look! my hair is brown, so just deciding which colour would suit it the most is the problem!!

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