Trend Alert: Lace, lace on ya’ face!

There's probably not one beauty trend that will shock me anymore. Tell me it's cool to wear sprinkles in my eyebrows, and I'll shrug nonchalantly, head to the pantry and pour a jar over my face (I am not responsible if the sprinkles find their way to my mouth). Or better yet, mention casually that neon-white eye contacts are in fashion (shudder) and I won't bat an eyelid (although probably will when trying to apply those darn things). So it comes as no surprise that the peel-and-press face lace trend, though a bit left-of-field, is fast becoming the latest thrill, up there with the big ones (think: nail art, lip tattoos and epic hair braids). And given our current beauty generation who are addicted to staggeringly bold fashion feats, I'm surprised they didn't bring this in sooner.

Type in lace makeup to Google or Youtube and BANG it's right there in yo' face (alongside a few freaky links to lacey dominatrix attire). The surrounding popularity is understandable though: these stick-on ready-to-wear eye designs look like you spent an hour in front of the mirror with liquid liner. Dude, bonus!

The trend has already been seen on the Jason Wu and Chanel catwalks, and it's now being pulled from the runway to reality. And although there's some who will argue that face lace has been around for yonks (Gaga got onto it wayyyy back, dah!), more recently the fad is making its transition from cult makeup trend to the mainstream beauty arena, as more and more beauty brands are jumping on the lace bandwagon and releasing their own interpretive versions. Makeup artist Phyllis Cohen's brand Face Lace and the renowned Nail Rock who released their own set of appliques called Eye Rock, are both culprits of the lacey facey movement and have been instigating this innovative, masquerade-style beauty progression quite fervently.

So what's it all about? This eye liner alternative is a quick-fire way to make any look appear a bit more funked-up and mysterious (though usually the type of mystery reserved strictly for the pages of a magazine or a baroque-themed costume party). All it takes is a simple peel and press motion to transform you into a hoochie mama - you can even wear these intricate designs down your face! In fact, I challenge you to a beauty duel: sport this look to any odd social event this month and I'll send you loads of cyber love and rate you high up there on a beauty pedestal for all to ooh and ahh over. What say you? Still not sold? Maybe this lass from Youtube will convince ya'...


All-in-all, I am totes supporting these ultra-luxe adhesives, which will either infiltrate the beauty market with eye-catching designs or die out faster than Mischa Barton's acting career. Bets on the next trend? Eyebrow Art. Yeah, I said it.


1. Nail Rock Eye Rock, $9.50,, 2. Lace Face by Phyllis Cohen, $25,

By Kristina Ioannou

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  • monisme says:

    These are weirdly beautiful… You could easily get away with the ones you posted as a cool eyeshadow pattern thingy. The ones that go all around the eye are a little more whacky!

  • Jacquelinee says:

    So mysterious and stunning. Looking forward to seeing people with it. 😉

  • mz_kara says:

    Ummm this is awesome.. I love the quirky side of fashion and this is exactly what I look for..

  • laladaniiexo says:

    Not something i could wear to the shopping center, but would love to rock this look on a night out in town. Think this is an awsome idea!

  • Rebecca says:

    I love this but cannot think of many opportunities to wear this make up. Maybe to some themed parties.

  • GrizzlyFawn says:

    They look so good on the models… not so sure about how they would look on me…

  • MidnightBlueRose says:

    Those face laces look really elegant and sexy, I think these would be great for a dress up party or something similar.

  • coldtearsx3 says:

    Looks really good. But only for special occasions that suit

  • silvefox says:

    love love love

  • Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! Love it <3

  • ichigo says:

    A gorgeous look, but definitely some for a party instead of an everyday thing

  • Alise says:

    Just bought some for Florence and the Machine concert.

  • Kelly says:

    Love them.
    I am going to a masquerade ball and don’t want to wear a mask all night. This is a perfect accessory for a themed event and I know there will be no one looking like me!
    Great work.

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