Beauty price drop: save the big bucks on your fav beauty brands

Beauty price drop: save the big bucks on your fav beauty brands | feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures


Pretty comes at a price... but not so much anymore now that some of our favourite cult beauty brands have decided to impress our wallets by dropping prices across their best-selling lines. What does this mean for us beauty nuts? Time to stock up!

But hold ye' horses... before you race on out that door to nab yourself some beauty bargains or cyber surf over to some of your favourite cosmetic e-stores, here's a little de-briefing as to why Oz has followed suit with countries that support top-notch beauty prods for less.


Online shopping is prolific. No really, there isn't a product you can't buy online (did you know you can purchae an automatic toilet flusher for cats? I know... I'm scared too). Rising online shopping rates coupled with the increasing Aussie dollar sustaining its strength against international currencies has been the catalyst for beauty price drop shennagians from small to large beauty brands in a bid to keep customers shopping on shore. I'm no financial expert (save for an abnormally large mathematical brain when it comes to adding up the price of shoes and clothes during a shopping splurge), but I foresee a whole heap of other beauty companies soon playing copy-cat to the sprinkling of brands that have decided to join the price dive party. Drink to that!


Laura Mercier:Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face range has undergone an exciting price drop for 2012, with key essentials dropping up to $20 in RRP. I'm super obsessed with their Secret Camouflage concealer, originally $65 now $49 (sa-weet).

SHOP IT: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, $49, The cosmetics company has been oh-so-generous to their beauty followers by reducing prices on some of their iconic brands including Nars and Stila. Scoot over and score yourself Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for $68 (as opposed to $99). Barrrrgain!

SHOP IT: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, $68,

Kiehl's New York: Last year, Kiehl's reduced prices from selected products. Now, they've decided to be ultra clever by cutting prices across the entire Kiehl's range - yippee! I've got my sights set on their Creme De Corps, down to a mere $15!

SHOP IT: Kiehl's Ceme de Corps, $15,

Decléor Paris: This luxe beauty range has undergone price drops of up to $50 throughout the line of skincare and body products. Take their Excellence De L'Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream for example, which has taken a nose-dive down to $105.

SHOP IT: Decléor Paris Excellence De L'Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream

Biotherm: As part of their 10th anniversary in Australia, Biotherm delighted the beauty industry when it announced it would drop prices by up to 46% across their best-selling collections, including the Aquasource range, Biotherm Homme and the Skin Vivo range.

SHOP IT: Biotherm, up to 46% off RRP,

Beauty price drop: save the big bucks on your fav beauty brands | feature beauty tips beauty 2 beauty 2  pictures


Image courtesy of Viva! Moda


  • monisme says:

    Beauty can be so expensive! I do know for a fact that when importing over $1000 worth of beauty goods you have to pay ridiculous taxes on them. Also, a lot of them are considered “dangerous goods” to import (for example perfume with its flammability) which then tacks on more expenses. As the majority of beauty goods sold within Australia are created over seas, there is no avoiding these costs (especially if we want the same brands) and unfortunately the consumer is the one to pay the difference. A lot of the larger importers would cop some of the taxes I am sure, but ultimately, we have to bear the brunt.

  • laladaniiexo says:

    Exited about the drop in Nars!!

  • GraciRose says:

    So very excited by this! Especially Laura Mercier and NARS!!!

  • boo says:

    This is impressive! I just hope more follow suit!

    I was just in the US – I cannot believe how much we are ripped off for prices of beauty products!!!!

    Some examples of US pricing:
    OPI nail polish $6.99 (around $20 odd here)
    MAC 1/2 price of what we pay here (I did a massive stock up)
    Clinique for the 3 step cleanser, toner, moisturiser $63 (Here I think is in excess of $90)

    I knew they had cheaper pricing I just had no idea how much cheaper!!!!

  • Bkz1 says:

    Thanks for this info!

  • mmitreska says:

    now i can save more and splurge on something bigger :)

  • lollyish says:

    thanks for the heads up!

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