DDG DIY: Heartbeat necklace


I think this is such a fantastic original idea and am going to give it a try, minimal materials, minimal work input, just how i like my DIY projects! I subscribe to this blog as it has some great DIY fashion ideas that are easy and cheap to do, it is a genius blog!


I have been pinning up a storm on Pinterest, and when I was looking through my DIY inspiration board, I came across this lovely heartbeat necklace (sold on etsy here). With some wire and chain I was able to create my own!

Supplies: 20 gauge wire, chain, lobster clasp, 2 jump rings, and round tip pliers

Leaving an inch of straight wire at the beginning,
use the tip of your pliers to bend the wire to create a heartbeat pattern.
More steps after the break...

Bend the wire until you create your heartbeat.

Make a loop on each side of the straight ends, attaching the chain to the wire.

On the other end of the chain, attach the lobster clasp with a jumpring. Add a jumpring to the other side of the chain and clasp.


Image & tutorial by Ispydiy.com 


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