Futuristic dip-dyed braid: how to achieve MBFW Ginger & Smart hair

Say the words braid and dip-dyed all in one sentence and watch us swoon. Fuse the two trends together and watch us becoming positively smitten with hair envy. Such was the case at this year’s MBFW Ginger & Smart SS12 show where models sported futuristic-style braids with dip-dyed neon bits of hair protruding at all angles. Inspired by the futuristic elements of nature,  the hair reflected an early 90’s rave culture with slick tight sides and flashes of vibrant colour.The mane was paired with attire that combined neon hues, punchy digitalised prints and high-shine metallics in one big colour-clash party down the runway.

Despite the hairstyle being a little, er, “out-there”, we simply had to get our paws on just how ghd went about creating this unique style. Props to those willing to give this one a go this weekend!


1. Using a combination of a tail comb, an oval dressing brush and your fingers, groom hair into one or multiple ponytails, securing with a hat elastic in the centre of head, creating a mohawk look.

3. Apply ghd Smooth and Finish Serum onto both sides of the head to create a slick, shiny finish.

4. Pin in colour hair wefts to the base of each ponytail then twist, braid and pin hair incorporating the coloured wefts into the style.

5. Using an oval dressing brash and tail comb , backcomb the hair to create extra height for loose pieces of ponytail.

6. Smooth ends of hair with the ghd Gold Classic Styler and ghd Smooth and Finish Serum and finish with a few spritzes of hairspray.


1. ghd Smooth and Finish Serum, $19.80, ry.com.au, 2. ghd Gold Classic Styler, $269, ghdhair.com.au

Images courtesy of ghd

Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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Wow I really like the style, a bit too complicated for me though hahaha


Does anyone know of a good coloured (non-permanent) hair spray, preferably in pink or blue? Or any other products which colour hair for a short period of time ?

I would love to try this look but don't want to colour my hair permanently!



Wow this is really unique.

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Looks cool, need to try it over the weekend


I so want to try this out! <3