Hot topics: Did Nina dump Patrick, super fast shopping and hairy legs in winter.


You know the drill, below are the top topics we are discussing over the water cooler in the DDG office right now, and we want to know what you think about them too.

Leave your rants or raves in the comments below.

1. Going feral in winter! When you're all a bit more covered up, most of us let a few of our beauty routines slide a little. Just how bad do you get over the cooler months?

2. Offspring!! Seriously, how sad was last night!!  I am still recovering. Although I am a bit confused. Who actually dumped who?? And do you think Nina was right to kick Patrick out??

3.  Super fast shopping. and a few other have announced they are going to start 3-hour delivery for Sydney (and hopefully Melbourne soon). Good idea, bad idea, will this make you shop more?


  • Zerotolove says:

    1. I only shave my legs when I’m baring them! And I do kinda wear jeans all winter!
    2. I’ve never seen it!
    3. The ICONIC started this! Love that site

  • ASOS addict says:

    1. I hate the feeling of prickly legs, so I still shave twice a week all winter long!
    2. So, so sad. And so real. Love that show. I think that Patrick was doing the coward guy thing of not having the balls to break up with her, so just made it so she had to break up with him. Gutted!!
    3. oh dear!! If this comes to Adelaide I am in so much trouble!!!

  • DDGD - Kate says:

    1. My boyfriend and I have a deal about this, he isn’t allowed to shave his face (i love his beard), and I HAVE to shave my legs.
    2. I have missed quite a few, but last nights was scarily real. Such good actors!!
    3. Just glad they don’t do this in Melbourne!!

  • Lea Halton says:

    really only care about Offspring – so sad! had a few tears i must admit! man Patrick is high maintenence & yes, agree with Nina – bit of a coward trying to back out before anyone gets hurt – just take a risk anyway i say! what have you got to lose apart from Nina! idiot!

  • Sammi says:

    1. I am with you Zerotolove… let them grow out when there is no one to see them!!
    2. I know it’s all television, and a good show needs some drama, but come on Channel 10, give poor Nina a break!!
    3. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s a brilliant idea!! And why don’t bricks and mortar stores offer it too… just an idea.

  • Peta says:

    1. I only shave when baring my legs or wearing stockings (hate that prickly feeling through stockings but ok with leggins, jeans etc) so they don’t get as much attention in the cooler months.
    2. Don’t watch it.
    3. I am just so impressed with delivery times from some stores. The fact that they can even offer 3 hour delivery makes my head spin. It makes actually stepping into a store a little redundant.

  • Tahrin says:

    1. I dont shave my legs in winter!! until someone notices and mentions it lol then im quicksmart in the bathroom
    2. i dont watch it – but apparently i should
    3. omg 3 hours!! thats dangerous

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