How to Balayage at home: DIY Balayage for dark or light locks

How to balayage


How to Balayage your hair at home: DIY BALAYAGE

Balayage hair, that slightly grown out sun-kissed look that just seems to suit everyone, especially those with long hairstyles, is not going anywhere. Sure her slightly wilder hyper-coloured cousin is currently staying on her couch, and painting the town pastel pink most school nights, but she won’t stay for ever.


And while the  “I just haven’t had time to get my roots done” look is not normally something you would pay money for, if you do ask to be Balayaged at your local salon you will probably have to stump up a far bit of cash for the pleasure. So in the interest of being frugal, and because (according to our friends over at You Tube this undone-do style is really one you don’t need a three year apprenticeship to be able to master), we thought we’d share our favourite how to balayage tutorials that really do make it seem super simple to get the balayage highlights look at home.

Love to DIY? why not check out this Galaxy Nails tutorial as well.

How to balayage #1: Going from light to dark (darkening the roots)

How to balayage #2: Going from dark to light (lightening the ends)

HINT: Skip to about 12mins in for the actual process (the first bit is all about how to deal with brassy hair)

There is also a great photo-only tutorial from a Pair And A Spare (How to Balayage at home) here



– Grab a friend to help you do the back!

– We love the mascara want application over at a Pair And A Spare, because it’s nice and subtle and therefore harder to stuff up!

– Always do a patch test, not just to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction, but to make sure you love the end colour too.


Have these easy how to balayage tutorials inspired you to DIY balayage at home?

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.

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I'm tempted to do this! Thanks for the videos 🙂


I love this look!! So pretty!! (:


to get the same kind of effect i just got 8 foils i my hair all around the bottom i blond 🙂


this is exactly what I've been looking for! I love this!


I really like the balayage look but it's been out a while.. Do you guys think it's over or still trendy?


I say go for it!!! I'm getting a semi balayage put in to my hair on Monday (in copper brown tones). It will still be around for a while yet so why not make the most of it while it's here to stay? 🙂 x


I'm only just noticing girls with balayage recently. It can look great but does need to be done well!


I have had both good and bad experiences with getting balayage done at hairdressers- some haven't blended it well and others have chosen a colour too harsh/dark for the roots. Would be very interesting to see how 'easy' it really is to DIY.


Yep I decided it's still trendy and went for it!

I'm a bit of a hair rookie so forked out $230 to look like I haven't been to the hairdresser in months! Perhaps next time I'll DIY.. 🙂


I love love love this look! Thinking of doing it soon, thanks for this!


love this look. dont have her lenght hair. i do with extentions in tho. is it possible to do it with them? and also, her hair looked highlighted? i have her dark hair colour all over.... possible?



I watched your video and found it really helpfull.

I love the Balayage look and had it for a couple months now and i'm thinking of

changing my blonde ends to to like purple or red? (Something different) Was just wondering if you think using a fudge or a semi perm dye would be better to use ?

Thanks! 🙂


Hi there! I'd recommend using a temporary hair chalk to begin with to see whether you like the look of it (experiment with different colours to see which suits you best) and then maybe dabble with a fudge, which is again less permanent than a dye. If you are absolutely crazy over the look, opt for a semi permanent dye (just be careful though, because this can be difficult to strip out of the ends).

Here are some hair chalking application tips:

Good luck!! xxx