Solid metal belts: How to wear them

Solid Metal Belts fashion trend


You might want to avoid metal detectors this season, with all the very fabulous solid metal belts that are currently cinching in waists on both the sidewalks and red carpets (yes, we are looking at  you Gwyneth Paltrow, Asher Keddie and Sonia Kruger)!  And why are solid metal belts just suddenly so everywhere you ask? Well big, bold, solid metal belts are one of the easiest ways to turn whatever you are wearing, into sartorial (rose) gold. It would probably even work on your daggiest trackies, although we don't recommend them as a combo. So why wouldn't people love it!

Not convinced, dying to buy a whole bunch, or need a bit more inspiration, well we have loads of styling and shopping options... just click this way!

Love solid metal belts? Tell us all about it! Or even better, if you are already rocking this trend, snap a piccie and post in in the comments below (you could score DDG$500 as our Happy Snapper of the week!)





  • beautybabe says:

    There are some great ideas there! Love the 3rd one! (:

  • LadyInLace says:

    I’m loving solid metal belts (particularly gold/rose gold) on all black or all white/cream outfits. They’re such a perfect finishing touch. An evening look I’m dying to try out.

  • ShelleyB says:

    This has instantly become a must have!

  • marie_logan says:

    Absolutely LOVE these metal belts (especially rose gold!!) – would die for the original S&B one – so stunning. Unfortunately the gorgeous Lucy in the Sky one has sold out!

  • BrittneyM says:

    I can’t get enough of these belts, mine is by nicholas and I have found so many great ways to wear it!

  • Pinkglitterrose says:

    I love it! I bought a rose coloured belt from Sportsgirl. Its a bit chunky, but it looks amazing with skirts :)

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