Red hair: a ddgd moodboard full of ginger ninja locks

red hair


If you ask me, flaming red locks that exude solar-flare vibrancy makes life just that tad bit, well, brighter. After all - and don't quote me on this - Ariel from the Little Mermaid seemed content with her fiery strands and rocked the hair-style quite nicely, or so Eric seemed to think. And Pippy Longstocking always seemed to be pretty smiley.

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Nostalgic moments aside, the dramatic display of ultra red and orange gives an element of Wow to almost any mane, and if my own poor head of hair wasn't half-destroyed by a punishing amount of colour from previous years, I'd give this a go (cross my hair and hope to dye!).

The red hair trend started to gain momentum last year after Rihanna debuted her vibrant, vixen tresses on the cover of Vogue magazine. Scarlet fever continued to catch hold of Hollywood with other celeb-heads like Florence Welch, Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan, and even Drew Barrymore and Blake Lively sporting the fiery hue.

And although very vibrant red locks do have a tendency to look costumey against almost any complexion (specially' at this year's MBFWA Romance was Born show), if you don it the right way and steer clear of clothing clashes, you'll look just as smokin' as Christina Hendricks’ character in Mad Men. Match with pale skin and you have yourself one red-hot look!

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Are you ready to become a ginger ninja convert? Tell us more! Or do you already have a mane of scarlet? If so, snap a pic and post in the comments below and you could win DDG$500 as our happy snapper of the week!


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