Show & Tell: Tick, tock….

Welcome to our voyeuristic weekly Show & Tell post, where we want to not just know, but see, what's going on in your world!

How it works is each week we will set a topic, and then we would love you guys to snap a piccie on your phone and upload it in the comments below that you think fits the brief.

All piccies are also in with a shot at the weekly Happy Snapper prize of DDG$500.

Got it? Ready to get started? Ok, us too!

This week's topic: Tick, tock.... show us your clock! (or watch... etc..)

Show & Tell: Tick, tock.... | feature  pictures


  • boo says:

    Still on Hawaii time, only got back Sunday night and haven’t gotten around to changing it! Just need the comfort of my watch on my wrist ;-)

  • monisme says:

    Oh I wish I owned a cool watch (Michael Kors preferably) or a cool clock, alas I do not…

  • troon13 says:

    There is great watch at Lightinthebox today….novelty only. It has “sorry I’m late” written on the face. Very cute!

    I’m going to put my watches up when I get to work…need to be at a computer rather than iPad to load images. Show you soon…haha!

  • Tara says:

    Here’s my arm party! :) Needed some colour today!!

  • jazamino says:

    Awesome watches gals :) I was very lucky this year on my birthday as I received this watch I have been lusting over for months! I wear it every day and with every outfit :)

  • My Armani Exchange Boyfriend Watch !

  • Dillon says:

    I was coveting this Mimco watch for so long before I finally found it at Harbour Town (Gold Coast) – reduced to $70! I love how it just looks like a studded cuff unless you open the watch section.


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