Crazy lashes: A DDG moodboard full of full-impact, lavish lashes

Crazy, quirky beauty trends make for great office goss. No really, there's nothing more that DDG gals love than having a good old gasbag about out there beauty gimmicks while we sip on our soy cap's (embellished eyebrows, glitter lips, lid art, Ryan Gosling nail art... yeah we've seen it all). One particular OTT trend making us get our flutter on is lavish lashes. We're talking embellished, feathery, sparkly, papery all-sorts that are destined to shock and wow. Meticulous lash adornments have been so popular that brands like Paperself and Shimmer Twins have sprouted out their own ranges faster than you can bat your eyelids in mock shock. And while such bad-ass eye candy is a sure-shot way to keep your peepers a-flutter, but maybe best kept for Mardi Gras time.


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