Donut hair: How to create the perfect bun (on your head and not in your mouth)

donut hair



We’re in the midst of a donut hair renaissance and no, I’m not talking about those tasty treats we splurge on every now and then (caramel glazed om nom nom…). I’m referring to the no-carb, low-fat variety – in other words, the iconic hair tool that’s giving gals catwalk cred top knots, sans the tricky process.

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Despite many of you already knowing how to perfect this striking look, some folk are still under the impression that crafting this dressy up-do is tough work. Au contraire beauties, it’s a cinch! And since I’ve had more than a few requests of late to showcase a tutorial on how exactly to use the ‘donut’ in one’s hair (and not in one’s mouth), I was psyched when I came across this super simplified one from TheGazingAway (via Youtube), and I knew you’d be just as crazy about it as me. Too easy. Enjoy!



Hair donut (large) , US$10.20,  (OR you can just cut up an old sock….)


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Have you tried to master the donut hair bun at home yet? Are you going to??

Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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DDGD - Kate

I've actually sacrificed one of my BFs socks (clean of course) to become my "donut" and it does really work. The key seems to be when you get half way down, and your hair is going everywhere (and you think you've done it wrong!), just keep rolling and tucking, it's amazing, it all just comes together in the end! xo


I don't think I have enough volume to my hair to do this. My hair is quite fine and I don't think it would cover the doughnut!


I have really thin, fine hair. I use a baby sock in my hair. It really does work, and I look like I have hair!


As someone who has incredibly straight, fine hair I can tell you it works. If you are worried about seeing the sock/donut, try to get one close to your hair colour. But really it is the length that covers it as you roll it down towards your head 🙂


Soooooo much harder to keep tucking when you have hair past your shoulder blades! To get the same look, I use a slightly different tool (after getting waaaaay too sore arms with the tucking involved in the sock bun) that takes me all of about 10 secs to roll my longer hair up.

It's available from places like The Reject Shop and Gloss for about, $3 or $4? It's foam (like the second item in the above video), it's a long-ish product that has a slit down the middle and is thicker at the ends then in the middle. However, it has bendable metal running through it. Basically, you set your hair up in a pony like you would for a sock bun, pull your pony through the slit in the product like you would the middle of the sock donut but instead of tucking like you would with the donut, you simply roll your hair towards your head (around the foam product) then when it's reach your hair you wrap the ends together so that it MAKES a donut shape (because of the bendable metal it stays in place!) then simply move your hair around to cover the product underneath.

Voila! Looks like a sock bun but so much easier for us gals with longer hair! No excess hair to worry about and no sore arms from all the tucking. I LOVE this thing. I get so many compliments when I use it. It tends to do a neater version of the sock bun too so it's great for polished versions for weddings or special events (although you can rough it up for a casual look too). No idea what it's called but I've included a pic below of mine! I purchased mine from Gloss.



I use this as well super easy for long hair no fuss but always looks really good. best bargin buy!


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Ack, I've got long, thick hair cut in layers and that tool didn't work for me... all the layers kept falling out and after about the 10th attempt I gave up.


i actually bought a donut a few weeks ago but i havent tried it out yet, i have the same fear as monisme - my hair is sooo fine i dont think it will cover the donut!!


OMG I'm such a retard!

I always assumed it was just people's hair when they did this - didn't realise there was more to it!

Very interested to try - like the idea of what Dreamer07 has recommended!!


I would love to try this look, but I'm not sure if my above-shoulder length hair is long enough. The tool that Dreamer07 has shown looks super easy, I might have to find one.


When my hair is long again, just had it bobbed, will try the sock donut. Looks great. Like you, Boo, I thought there were lots of girls with lots of hair wearing it in up buns.


I can usually create this look without a sock or anything but I have long hair so I just tease near the roots a little bit and then roll the hair on top and tuck it in and secure with bobby pins and hair spray. Probably a lot easier to do with the actual hair donut though :/


Does anyone know how to do this look with long, thick, layered hair? I've tried the hair doughnut but I've still got this thick tail hanging down to my shoulders... I can't seem to tuck it or twist it anywhere that doesn't look ridiculous.

I've tried that other tool too, but I've drove me bonkers as my layers kept falling out.



Donut hair would not really work on me. I don't have the skill to pull the look off


It's definitely a process of tucking and rolling and then tucking some more. You can also wrap and pin any excess bits of hair at the end, or even just tuck them in with another hair tie around the base of the bun...


Haven't tried this look yet. Not sure if its my thing, but looks really pretty on some people. <3


i purchased a hair donut from asos and am yet to try it out, i'm excited too though!!


I love this, i usually just do the ballerina bun, but it doesn't have like enough, I'm not sure how to describe it, like volume. This is perfect. A little scared you'd be able to see the sock but, would be a little hard to explain to people haha


Still have the donut I made years ago from a stocking and some wadding. It does a great job.


Love this look. I have fairly thin looking slightly layered hair and this works a treat! While you are rolling and tucking, it seems like it will turn into a huge mess but works out perfectly everytime 🙂


they look is so incredibly cute yet since my hair is layered it's incredibly hard for me to do it right!