It’s back! Project Runway Australia is back and better than ever!


I don't know about you, but Project Runway Australia is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. It's up there with peanut butter and maple syrup sundaes (I'm half American, I can't help it!), and chardy-fuelled online impulse buying. And this year I plan on combining all three for the best Monday night in of all time!

I'm also really looking forward to embracing my inner Megan Gale via the new Project Runway Australia Facebook page app, where you an have your say on who should stay, who should  go and who needs a good bitch-slap pronto (and see your responses displayed instantly onscreen). So clever!

Not to mention this year's line up is set to be ah-mazing!! Joining the ever gorgeous Megan Gale and Alex Perry on the judging panel is iconic Aussie designer Peter Morrissey  (I'm sensing a baldy-Blue Steele-off will have to happen with him and Alex Perry!), along with long-time fash crush of ours Claudia Navone.

And then there are the special guests. Everybody who is anybody in Australian Fashion is making an appearance this season including Toni Maticevski, Alexandra and Genevieve Smart of Ginger & Smart, Fleur Wood and Dannii Minogue of Project D. Are you IQing it now?? Good!

And even if you're not getting star stuck just reading this like I am, then just wait until you see the mad skillz of this years' contestants. Word on the street is they are the best.... ever (at both the stitching... and of course the bitching... we have to have both!).

Project Runway Australia is back Monday October 8th, 8.30pm on Foxtel's Arena. 

So stick it in your diary, post-it note on the fridge, and cancel your housemate's Man vs Food so you can IQ it now.

Can't wait that long? Check out episode guides, photos and more at &

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  • monisme says:

    Oh yes oh yes oh yes!!!!! I LOVE PROJECT RUNWAY! I love the American version too, with gorgeous little Mondo. He should be in ever season

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