Beach Wave Hair: A DDG Moodboard full of tousled tresses

Summer is totally almost here, to the point where I can almost smell the Aussie BBQ's, mango mojitos and fruity fragrances from my desk. And as the days get warmer, there's nothing more refreshing than rocking some seriously saucy Blake Lively-style beach waves in the spirit of the season.

This no-fail 'do is guaranteed to salvage your locks from the oppressive humidity and all it takes is a bit of product, loose tong-curls and a run of the hand through the mane to whip up chic, beachy waves in just a few minutes.

With the help of this moodboard, you're bound to look like you just stepped off a yacht and not out of a blizzard.

Summer mantra: embrace messy hair!

Images courtesy of 1. Girlfriend,  2. Teen Vogue, 3.  Vogue Russia, 4. Glo, 5. Swimwear Galore, 6. Surfgirl Mag, 7. Whipped Style

Will you be whipping up some beach bombshell waves this Summer? Tell us in the comments below!


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