Hands up if you have a shopping splash or two to confess to us this week? I would put both my hands up but it makes it tricky to type!!!

We are actually moving into fancy pants new offices in just a little over a week, so I have been clicking myself silly looking for stylish office-wares to deck out our awesome new digs - and don't even get me started on the amount of time I spent in IKEA this weekend!!

Now I didn't want to bore you with desks and BILLY Bookcases, so I thought I'd keep my over sharing to the more fun office decor items, like these super sleek replica ghost chairs, some gorgeous (non-replica) Missoni cushions (yes they are exxy, but also amazing!), and of course, a nice new silver skull (what office is complete without one?). The weirdest thing in my shopping cart this week was an adult sized Penguin Onesie - which is for a dress up party (and possibly for lazy Sunday's around the house!).

SHOP IT: Penguin onesie, US$11.99, ebay.com  , Missoni cushion covers, $199 (each), interiorz.com.au,  Silver skull moneybox, $16.95, officeworks.com.au , Ghost replica chairs, $69 (each), eBay.com.au


Top image courtesy of www.grazia.it via Pinterest

What packages have you got hidden under your desk this week? Share below (and we won't tell anyone... promise!)


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  • monisme

    Just a few for me – I have been really good I swear!

    I had to buy some little beauty cases for travelling, and also a travel wallet to keep myself super organised whilst doing so.

    This all came in at a measly $30.00. Thanks Cotton On & Typo!

  • monisme

    Oh… AND I got this cute as little twosie from a little store in Perth. $40.00 – WHAT?! So stoked with it!

  • monisme

    And (if it counts) my partner bought these for us/me. He has a new obsession with scented candles which I am MORE than happy with! He went to buy the candle and then somehow snuck the sausage dog brooch into the transaction for me as well… I don’t know how he did it without me noticing!

    • DDGD - Kate

      He is such a keeper mon!!! So cute :)

    • monisme

      I think so! He is the best! Some of the best stuff I own was from him 😀

  • GMeers

    I have 3 pairs of Therapy Havanna Metallic heels…because there were 3 colours :) Oh and they were on sale of course! :)

  • MelanieD

    Haha, I also bought an animal onesie from eBay (the giraffe one) to wear to an upcoming fancy dress party!

    • alexandrajayne

      I’ve got the giraffe onesie too! It’s super cute :)

  • Jayzee

    This week? Bought a few make up things and a COLOURFUL so colourful long scarf from ASOS, and had to restock my Baby Lips

  • Tina McCallister Lynch

    I bought Loreal primer, cream eyeshadow stick, and 2different mascaras. I couldnt decide.

  • Serena

    This week I bought two new winter jackets, boots, and two pairs of flats and two tshirts, as well as getting my hair done. :) The perks of selling your car and buying a cheaper replacement.

  • alexandrajayne

    I bought NOTHING :( all my money went into bills this week (boo!) I’ll be sure to make up for it next week though I’m sure.

  • Hayley Bannister

    i brought some Peter Alexander pjs!

  • Sheridan Hodgetts

    I brought heaps of makeup from priceline while they where having there 40% of sale yesterday!
    And then because i spent over sixty dollars i got a free bag full of goodies :) Im supposed to be
    saving for hawaii in july whoops.

    • Kristina Ioannou

      Wowsers! What an amazing beauty haul xo

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