Test me: Marzena’s Natural Wax strips (big & small)

 Want to try some amazing beauty goodies! Well you're in the right place. Register your interest for this DDG Trial Team below and you could be receiving some gorgeous beauty prodz to test and review in your post box very soon.

Here's what needs testing this week: Marzena’s Natural Wax strips (large and small size)

Marzena’s Natural Wax Strips are the easy and quick way to remove unwanted hair for up to six weeks. Using these convenient pre-waxed strips means waxing can be done anywhere, anytime, without fuss or mess.   The re-usable wax strips are cost-effective with each strip able to be re-used up to five times per treatment.  Marzena’s strips are dermatologically tested and contain no harsh petrochemicals.

Available in large and mini strips. RRP from $8.99.  www.marzena.com or call 1 800 128 618

Available in selected Coles, Priceline and Pharmacy stores throughout Australia.

Here's how you get to test it:

1 - Make sure you are  signed in (or you won't see the form below).

2 - Quickly, quickly fill out the form below, and we will select 5 eligible submissions at random for this week's testing panel.

3 - Once we have all five sets of details we'll get the products and the further instructions on their way out to you.

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Here's a few other important bits and pieces you should know:

1 -You have to be a signed in member of DDGD to be a tester.

2 - You have to live in Australia to be able to be a tester.

3 - You have to submit your review within 5 days of receiving the product (or you won't be able to do any more testing, swag claiming, or anything else fun on DDGD).

4 - As well as scoring some fab freebies, you also get DDG$20 for submitting a review.

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  • clover5 says:

    My new bag
    Absolutely fab
    Reckonised richly
    Noticed although pensioner
    Incredibly fashionista

    Have a great fab day wknd cheers!

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