Editor review: The best ever long-lasting eye kohl from Mirenesse!


We’ve all been burned by melty, migrating eye makeup that’s gone-in-a-second. It’s a complete buzz-kill and not a good look—ever. After all, who has time for constant touch-ups despite the threat of impending-racoony-eye-doom? But let me tell you beauty buffs, the hunt for a stay-put long-lasting eye pencil ends here, thanks to Mirenesse Inside Out 27Hr Eye Kohl. This ground-breaking, all-in-one makeup tool offers the kind of waterproof longevity and colour payoff beyond any liner I’ve ever experienced.

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When I was first given the 5 metallic hues to play around with, I was skeptical. 27 hour colour hold? Puh-lease. But after applying the kohl to the back of my hand to see which colour I’d trial first (see pic above), I was dumbfounded to discover that the pigment just would not budge. It quite literally took me minutes and minutes of scrub-scrub-scrubbing to wipe it away. I was incredulous, but nonetheless super excited and impressed over the non-slippage powers of this miraculous tool. So far, so good.

Now it was my birthday over the weekend (yup, getting old!) and in preparation, I played around with these Mirenesse pencils, adding some swooshes, slashes and stripes to my peepers before deciding on a flash of  purple under my lower lashline to complement my turquoise frock (turquoise and purple? It works okay!). I loved how smooth and creamy the pencil felt on my skin and how only a teensy bit of product could make my eyes absolutely pop! The formula itself was as equally impressive as it could be smudged into a smoky look but once set, it stayed. By the end of the night (and 1000 bevvies later), the Mirenesse pencil had remained intact while the rest of my eye artwork had completely dissolved into one Courtney-Love-worthy mess. Doh!

The Verdict? Smudge proof, budge proof and smear free with a selection of gorgeous jewel-toned shades to choose from. Yep, these bad boys are clear winners, especially if you’re an eyeliner rookie or a winged-tip-wearing-snob!

PRO TIP: Got small eyes? Make them bigger by creating a smoky wraparound. Want to elongate your eyes’ width? Try drawing an exaggerated cat’s eye. Works every time.

But wait… there’s more!

DDG office girl Emma just couldn’t keep her mitts off these pencils and created an eye-defining look (as pictured above) by using a white pencil to draw a line under and into the bottom lashline and then layering with the electric blue Mirenesse shade to create a brighter, aqua hue. This instantly brightened her peepers right up so they appeared larger and more striking. You can play it safe with black or go all out (like Emma did!) with bold blue or simply dazzle with gold, purple and brown. Start at the outer corner of the eyes and drag the line across. Try not to press the pencil down too heavily as this can make the eyes look heavy.

As a guide, blue eyes look fabulous matched with turquoise or bronze shades, brown eyes look incredible with aquas or blues and green eyes look smokin’ hot with purples


Mirenesse Inside Out 27 Hr Eye Kohl, $39, mirenesse.com

What’s the best long-lasting eye pencil you’ve tried? Tell us in the comments below!


Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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Emma's eyes look gorgeous! Must give these a try.


Always hesitate to use kohl as it tends to smudge and look so messy.


I love the look of that bronze one. I don't think I'd be game for blue kohl...


So pretty... Would love to try these.


Those colours are seriously gorgeous! And after the review, I want!



I road tested the Mirenesse Eyeliner Black and Ra - aka (salmon) colours. Now I have pretty small eyes, so I have been an addict of eyeliners since a wee child. I have had dry eyeliners, overpowering eyeliners.... you name it! I know this eyeliner maybe a little pricey but it is seriously worth it!!! I used the Ra colour on the inside of my eye and the black to accentuate the outer and lower of my eye.

Firstly, the packaging is very luxurious!

Secondly it delivers its promise- mine stayed on the whole night!

Thirdly - You only need a little amount - light application on the eye and Wah la!

The only minuses I could think of were, it was a little hard to get off and you need to sharpen the pencil, (my advice would be to leave in the fridge for 20 mins or so and then sharpen it, so you dont waste it!!)

I took a few pictures, the first is before the application, the second is just before I was heading out to party and the third was at 5am the next morning, as I just got home.

I hope you all enjoy xxxxx




Oh my goodness, I am so late in uploading this review! However, I got to try out these eyeliners in Hathor (a really pretty jewelled purple) and I believe the pretty white sparkly fairy unicorn shade I got is called Ptah (the names aren't on the tube, which is irritating)

First of all... the packaging you get the eyeliner sent to you with is awesome. I really like that dedication to customer service 🙂

I tested the colours out on my hand before I tried it on my face. It felt very soft and I was worried that I was going to bump my eye and smudge the sparkles everywhere.

I eventually tried these out on a Saturday night (paired with Empress and Top Hattie by Lime Crime plus a little bit of How To Marry from the Marilyn Monroe Mac collection and tiny bit of Purple Rain by Cherry Cosmetics) and I have to say, less is more. I'm usually a cat's eye and red lipstick kinda girl and I think I was a tiny bit heavy handed with these liners as they're VERY pigment rich. Maybe its just because I'm not used to wearing it or seeing it on myself I don't know *shrug*. It did stay on all night long, even after giggles that lead to tears with my bestie 😉

In future, I think I'll wear the purple only on the lower lashline and the white as a highlighter for my inner eye. But they're totes gorgeous and I highly recommend them.

Totally JUST worked out how to post my pics here... I swear, I'm technology illiterate 😛

Brooke xxxx



I am in love with these eyeliners! I have been testing Khnum (Solid blue colour) and Serapis (silver) Both have amazing strong pigment to them. The colour you see on the packaging is the colour you get from the product.

It goes on so smoothly, I found two swipe across my lid and I had a perfect, strong coloured line. The texture of the product is quite soft, like a gel (which I adore!) and is so easy to apply, no dragging like you would a regular kohl pencil. 😀

The packaging itself is just gorgoeus (I don't know how i'm going to bring myself to sharpening these pencils and taking away the design)and the wrap and box it came in is going to live on my dresser forever, completey dedicated to presentation and customer satisfaction is what I got from this brand. 🙂

I have really oily eyelids, which means when I wear other eyeliners by lunch its has slid up to my brow bone giving me a wash of colour from bone to lash line, not a good look. But with the Mirenesse Inside Out 27Hr Eye Kohl the colour doesn't move or smudge or slid. It's just fantastic! The pictures I have attached were taken 11hrs after application! with no touch ups!! I don't usually wear eyeshadow, just straight eyeliner and mascara.(and I went to the gym in this time to test it's strength).

It really does last as an eyeliner but is still easy to remove with eye makeup remover. I would definitely buy this product in future. Best eyeliner I have ever tried, and I have many, many eyeliners from multiple brands and they don't come anywhere near this product.

I will be recommending this to everyone!

I hope everyone enjoys this product as much as I do!!

xx Shannon.



I received Amun (Mirenesse website lists it as brown, but it's more of a maroon with dark red glitter) and Ra (champagne shimmer). Ra is lovely for brightening the lower lash line, while Amun is better for my upper lash line (I find that dark colours on my lower lash line make me look tired).

Ra was creamy and beautiful to apply. Amun a little less so, as the glittery bits seemed a little chunky and rough.

Initially I was skeptical about the 27 hour claim of the product name. I became a believer when I discovered that none of my waterproof eye makeup remover products would completely clear the eyeliner. For people who want long lasting eyeliner, these will fit the bill. Personally, I found it a bit annoying that they were so hard to remove.

I wore these for five days and then discovered that I'd developed a little blistery rash along my upper lashline. As I wasn't using any other new products, I discontinued using the eyeliners, as I suspect my skin is sensitive to something in these eyeliners.

I wanted to love these eyeliners, but I don't think they are for me. That said, someone people just have bad luck with some products. I don't think that my experience is reflective of how most people will find the eyeliners.


I am really into the idea of using a blue or green eye liner on my brown eyes. I have seen some lovely examples.