Myer help us get (very!) excited for Winter 2013!

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Myer help us get (very!) excited for Winter 2013! | feature sponsored  picturesSPONSORED POST

What do you mean you're not counting down the days to Winter? I mean sure, the shorter days aren't great. And all that cold, wet and windy weather is pretty much a serial killer for your 'do each day. But surely a little bit of flat/frizzy hair and few cases of the sniffles are a small price to pay to be able to finally get our hands on/bodies in to the Autumn Winter 2013 trends? Right!

Still not convinced? Then you definitely want to click through the gallery below. The lovely peeps over at Myer have put together their top Autumn/Winter 2013 trends that every gal needs in her wardrobe before the mercury drops (think Leather, Lace, Winter florals, Skinny pants and Peplum galore). And then just to taunt us even more (damn you 29 degrees and sunny weather, damn you!) they've also prettied up a few of our fave Aussie models and decked them out in exactly how we'll want to be wearing each look.




The best bit? Well,  all of these gorgeous items are just hitting shelves right now (stay away from the Metallic striped Maticevski jacket... that bad boy is mine!!) so you can snap them up right now, making sure that A) you don't miss out, and B) that you and your wardrobe are fighting fit and ready come March 1st. What are you waiting for?? SHOP NOW (I AM!!!)



Myer help us get (very!) excited for Winter 2013! | feature sponsored  pictures


1 - Emerald stone necklace, $49.95 , Design Studio,

2 - Metallic Peplum jacket, $950, Maticevski,

3 -  Leather shift, $189, NF by Nicola Finetti,

4 - Garden scoop skirt, $335, Nicola Finetti,

Images via

Which of these Winter 2013 trends has you wishing away the last days of Summer?


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Myer help us get (very!) excited for Winter 2013! | feature sponsored  pictures