We chat lip balm, baby names and chickens with L’Oreal ambassador Barbara Palvin

I have a crush. A big fat girl crush. And it’s all thanks to Barbara Palvin, the most down-to-earth, chillaxed Victoria Secret Model I’ve ever met (okay.. I’ve only met one other, but you get the point!).

Despite the fact that she’s graced the runways of Louis Vuitton, Prada and Victoria’s Secret, this pouty-lipped lass is fun, energetic and oh-so-cheeky — as if good looks and a killer body aren’t enough! Little Miss Palvin is also so unbelievably gorgeous that I had to blink several times to take it all in; not one single flaw on her youthful skin and big blue peepers that could enchant a whole room thanks to their ethereal charm. Yup, this lady’s got it going on.

The wide-eyed, Hungarian 19-year-old is the youngest-ever L’Oréal Paris ambassador and she was down in Melbourne this week, ready to take on all of the LMFF festivities. I sat down with her, alongside four other lovely ladies, to chat about her beauty secrets, career highlights and how she’s hellbent on being a fixture in the industry for years to come. We also may or may not have discussed her gorgeous little fluffball pooch (a  bichon frise named Mano) just coz’.

Here’s what the Chloe-clad model had to say…


Q: So you always knew you wanted to be a model since you were young?

A: Um, no. I mean I was 13, I didn’t really know what modelling was. I was more into singing and doing sport and playing soccer but now after I got into this business I was like yeah I want to be huge, I want to make my dad proud and I never wanted to look like someone (else).

Q: What has been your most fantastic experience? Biggest highlights in your career?

A: I always say that picking my favourite job or favourite designer is like a mum picking their favourite kid, it’s always different – different experience, different people. Three highlights were my first fashion week with Prada and Louis Vuitton. That’s how they first recognised me. And then L’Oreal… and then the Victoria Secret Show… and then after all these my life changed a little bit… and now fans are waiting for me in the hotel, so… (she says with a cheeky grin).

Image via @realbarbarapalvin (Instagram)

Q: Who’s your favourite L’Oreal ambassador?

A: There is a model called Barbara (everyone giggles wildly) … she’s like so cute… (more hysterical giggling). I don’t have a favourite as I told you I just want to be myself, I don’t want to be like anyone else. Of course like Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova… or old L’Oreal ambassadors have inspired me but … I still want to be myself. I want to bring something new.

 Q: What does being part of the Loreal dream team mean for you?

A: Right now it means everything to me … whenever I go out on the street I have to be like, I’m the face of L’Oreal Paris, I have to look good… be nice, be myself… but it’s my life right now.

Q: How do you keep yourself looking so fresh on-the-go?

A (patting her pristine skin and striking a pose): It’s L’Oreal! No, um, well I’m quite young… and I started travelling when I was like 13 so my body kind of got used to it, that I’m travelling, so I don’t really feel the time differences and jet lag. Just one point I get really down, like yesterday in the car I was like (imitates zombie pose)… but then I just wake up and it’s okay.

Q: What’s your long-term goals? Do you have a 5 year plan? Do you have a 1 year plan?

A: One day plan! … No I can imagine myself in two different ways in 10 years, lets say. One is just being busy and becoming an actress or a singer, we’ll see. And also I want to finish uni real soon.  A lawyer. That’s slightly different but I want to do that. And the other side is have a family, two kids.

Q: Girl or Boy?

A: One girl, one boy. The girl should be older by 3 or 4 years. I have the names already planned.

What are the names?

A: It’s a secret!

Q: What’s your secret hidden talent?

A: Maths. I’m really good at maths. And massage. I’m a perfectionist, I want to do everything perfectly. Before I couldn’t do rock climbing, I just couldn’t, and … I stayed in school one night, I had to learn it, and ever since then I was the fastest in school. So as long as I don’t get it perfectly, I don’t stop.

Q: Did your mum teach you any beauty tricks growing up? Any secrets?

A: Yeah, she was like wash my face twice a day with cold water… and when I was younger I had to drink a lot of milk for good skin and I’m still drinking a lot.

Q: So not water, milk?

A: Yeah that’s a very old tradition, my great grandmother taught me.

Q: Well it obviously worked!

A: Well… (laughs)

Q: Whats your favourite L’Oreal product?

A: Definitely the BB Cream. I’m young so I’m not really using morning cream, night cream, or whatever but with the BB Cream it’s a moisturiser and foundation together so its just easy. And I’m not spending a lot of time in front of the mirror… I just put it in my hand and I’m done!  And all the lipsticks because I love wearing lipstick.

Q: If you could have breakfast with anyone alive or dead who would it be any why?

A: I think someone like one of my family members who I couldn’t meet. I think it would be my great grandpa because my great grandma was telling me so many stories of what they went through during the world war so I’d really want to meet him.

Q: If you could wear whatever you wanted to for an entire day with no one ever questioning you or looking at you funny what would you like to wear?

A: Well I’m kind of dressing like that back home (laughter). I have all the crazy stuff. I wear my dads stuff sometimes and you know those worker’s… jumpsuit… it’s like blue and huge and its worn by those people that come to fix your toilet and stuff!

Q: I’d bet you make it look good

A: Of course, I’d put a Chloe jacket on top… (giggling)

Q: If we could look into your makeup case right now, what would be there?

A: Lip balm. Really I cant live without a lip balm. I always have 2 or 3 lip balms with me, because I always lose everything… everything!

Q: Have you tried paw paw cream?

A: Oh yeah, I’ve tried that one.

Image via @realbarbarapalvin (Instagram)

Q: What are you looking forward to most about LMFF?

A: I thought you said LMFAO (at this point, I think I fell in love)! Um… to be honest, I don’t really know the Australian fashion week, so  I will judge which was my favourite after.

Q: What’s the fashion like here (in Australia) compared to back home, from what you’ve seen so far?

A: More colourful, probably… I don’t know. Back home its really hipster. Everybody’s a hipster now, then hipster is not mainstream, and mainstream you say your’e not a hipster and then…… its really like that! And I’m just like…what?

Q: Have you got a favourite city in the world?

A: Home. It’s actually not even the fashion capital, it’s more the rural town where I grew up, like more countryside. I love being with my chickens.

Image via @realbarbarapalvin (Instagram)

Q: Do you have any other animals or just chickens?

A: I have a dog. I had one more dog but she just passed away in September. She had cancer. It was horrible. But she was this huge (holds her hand up high above her head) and 14 years old. She was a mix of a Hungarian dog and something else… but my (current) dog… it’s a  bichon frise. I can show you a picture of him (whips out her phone, produces picture, room goes crazy).

Q: What’s his name?

A: (Says an extremely long, foreign, exotic name).

Q: What do you call him (nicknames?!)?

A: We call him Mano. And he’s 10 years old too and you don’t see it… I have another picture. He’s really like, smiling at you.

Q: You must miss him?

A: No. No, I actually got used to it because before he was living at my grandma’s place but now my grandma and my great grandma moved next to our house in December so now he’s there so I actually see him more than I did before which is good.

Q: What advice do you have for young girls who want to get into the modelling industry?

A: Really, just never give up and push your hardest!


 Check it, check it: Our Insta-Selfie!

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Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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