Ditch The Trip: Here’s how to bring a touch of French-chic to your boudoir

french decor

When you think of Paris, visions of scrumptious croissants, sipping champagne beneath the Eiffel tower and shopping for haute couture creations by Dior and Chanel probably come to mind. But for us broke normal folk, jet-setting away to the City of Love doesn't come around all that often. So, naturally we resort to other ways of bringing a touch of Parisian bohème to our boudoirs thanks to a few tres chic interiors.

Whether you're after a French farmhouse look or French renaissance style, pimping out your pad with en francois furniture will never have seemed so easy after checking out what we've managed to pull together. And trust us when we say, you don't have to be a Provence-native to really immerse yourself in the escargot-loving culture.

So click through this gallery to make your house a work of oh la la art (minus the expensive trip!).


Which French interior are you crazy for? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Tess says:

    Love most, if not all of these!! Special mentions to the BON JOUR pillow cases, the Audrey Hepburn quote cushion and the vintage shower curtain.

  • allybee says:

    I could actually see myself using the Paris skyline clocks.

  • Dana says:

    Grouse Mouse Pad is the winner for me!

  • GMeers says:

    Yes, those skyline clocks are fabulous! I love every one of the items in that gallery (well, maybe it has something to do with how much j’aime Paris!!) Can’t wait to visit France again sometime :)

  • cherg says:

    Love the Paris cushions.

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