Road tested: Can Nanoblur nix my wrinkles in less than a minute?

Welcome to doubters anonymous, please take a seat! You see despite (or perhaps because of) the industry I work in, I am always pretty skeptical when it comes to beauty brands and their sparkly-amazing promises. Pimples gone overnight (as if!), cellulite banished after just a few applications (yeah right!), and then don’t even get me started on all the “73% of people tested thought they appeared 27% younger” malarky. Puh-lease!

Of course I have fallen prey to many of these too-good-to-be true products in my time. Who hasn’t. But I like to think that now I am little older, I am a little wiser too, so you can imagine the amount of eye-rolling that went on when Kristina plonked the latest “miracle anti-aging product” on my desk to road test, which promised to banish my wrinkles (or at least the appearance of them) in under 40 seconds.  And then I tried it.

According to the packet : 

“A suspension of millions of particles refl­ect light perfectly in billions of directions to make the skin’s surface appear completely ­flawless. Within seconds, pores begin to disappear. Fine lines seem to vanish. Skin texture appears nearly perfect. With one application on any skin surface (even your hands!), you will be convinced that nanoblur will make you look up to 10 years younger in a matter of seconds. It’s just that simple.”

The road-test!

Being almost 31 years-young, and quite the fan of toilet humour I have definitely noticed a healthy crop of laugh lines setting up camp around the corner of my eyes over the last few years (I also just woke up, so there are a few sleep creases going on as well!), so this is where I decided to put Nanoblur through it’s paces.

According to the instructions you should apply the white-ish non-greasy gel immediately after you apply your make up (hence the sleep lines), and to be as scientific as possible I opted to apply it to one eye only, and the results are below.


A really creepy close up of my eyeballs… (no Nano blur on the left, lots-o-Nanoblur on the right) 

 After a small amount of tingling (which lasted for the next hour or so, but it was really, really faint) the wrinkles under my eye were pretty much gone. Even now a few hours later my left side is pretty much crows-feet free (I keep running to the bathroom to check).

Now I am sure once I wash my face my normal liney self will re-emerge, so this isn’t a wrinkle “cure”, but when you want to look a bit special (or perhaps after a big night) this little tube is going to be your new best friend!


UPDATE: After about 4 hours the main lines had pretty much returned (damn them!), although the lighter ones were still noticably less liney.

SHOP IT:  Nanoblur, $29.99,


Have you tried Nanoblur? Or any other wrinkle fixers lately? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.

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Like a soft focus feature for your face, cool!


I always get crinkle lines in my under eye region when I put on concealer (and I'm only 22, this doesn't bode well). Sounds like it could be worth a try.


I found this gave my skin a subtle airbrushed effect and created a smooth base for makeup.


Don't apply this over your power or the effect is patchy foundation I found.