Rock Candy: Get your bling fix with these crystal and gem stone beauts

Rock Jewellery

My jewellery cupboard is a bit like a treasure trove; quartz crystals, exotic stones and dramatic rocks a-plenty. And while you'd think I've got more than enough earthy pieces to go around, Autumn's slew of rock candy has fully renewed my fascination with all things bling-centric.

Raw stone jewellery pieces are suddenly everywhere — druzy rings, agate pendants, abalones, hammered metal cuffs embellished with chunks of turquoise and agate quartz ... It's almost too much for my rock-lovin' heart to handle! And honestly, what better way to pimp out an outfit than with a bit of National Geographic-inspired glitz? You can pile these rocks on your wrist, hang 'em from your ears, or go for an eclectic, new season spin on summer's statement necklaces by layering your rock beauts together.

Either way, it's official; these all-but-dug-from-the-earth treasures are taking the medium from 'meh' to show-stopping and the best part is that you won't have to embark on too tough an expedition to get your hands on the spoils. I've pulled together some of the best, boldest gems of the season to get you ready for an accessories revamp.

But if some of the price tags make you choke a little (let's not forget that many of these bad boys are handmade), rest assured you can always add them to your luxe lust list for when you finally round up the pennies to buy your well-deserved splurge. Although if they do sell out — don't say I didn't warn you!

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Which rock piece is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!


  • allybee says:

    Love that onyx ring, and the aquarii necklace. Not sure about the trend though, reminds me of trips to the museum as a child…

  • LibertyYC says:

    Love the colours in the crystal druzy necklaces.

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