Sniff Tested: The Glow Co ‘Capri’ Candle

Close your eyes for a moment. Now imagine lying on a big white boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, the sprawling Capri cliff sides in your sights as you sip from a coconut-y cocktail complete with lime and lemon. The skies are blue, the waves are serene and it's just you, the sun and that beautiful Italian landscape (and maybe the boat driver... it can't drive itself, after all!).

That's exactly the kind of imagery that The Glow Co's Capri Candle brings to mind after one whiff. The insanely beautiful concoction of creamy coconut, zesty lemon and a hint of lime instantly transports me to an island paradise whenever I smell it while the uber chic packaging makes me think this would be perfect sweet addition to anyone's bedside table or office desk. Plus it burns up to 80 hours, meaning I can bask in your beach island oasis endlessly. And just putting it out there — it's half the price of its other similar smelling candle counterparts.

Verdict? It's a candle that smells like a European vacay. Does anyone really need any other incentive than that?


The Glow Co Capri Candle, $29.99,

Are you sold? Want to take a whiff? Tell us in the comments below!

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