Road tested: Shutini convertible sandals


Ever really wished you had a magic wand that could change the colour of your favourite shoes to match your outfit, or mood? Well, we don’t have any magic wands, but we do have he next best thing, and that is vouchers for 5 people to score themselves a pair of gorgeous Shutini convertible sandals!

Shutini sandals come with a range of goregous and interchangeable straps, so you can quickly take yours from beach, to bar and back again!

Here’s what was roadtested: A pair of Shutini shoes and 3 different straps

Shutini is the shoe that allows you to have a new shoe every day, pick your style, your colour, the way you wear them and where you wear them. They are the only summer shoe you will ever need! 1 shoe 100 styles. Be exclusively you with Shutini.

Each lucky tester received a voucher for one shoe base, and 3 straps of their choice to fully get the shutini expience!

Price: $49.95 (shoe base) $9.95 (straps)

Brand: Shutini



Want to see what the DDG readers thought of this nifty product? Read the reviews below!

Kristie Giblin

I am a sucker for shoes and all things green! I am a self confessed shopaholic, with a dangerously increasing obsession with beauty products.

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Great looking sandals, hope I get to trial them


Yes! these looks awesome. Could solve my travel-shoe packing dilemmas.


They are so cute! and sound oh-so-convenient. Would love them to death!


It has been almost 1 year since i have been able to get onto DDGD and im bacccck (computer issues/compatibility with site):) can't wait to get back into trialling and reviewing xoxox

DDGD - Kate

Glad to have you back lovely! x


What an awesome idea. I'm so late but still applied to trial them. Hope they are comfortable as well as good looking.


I was luckily chose to review these lovely sandals and by luck the day I received them, I was going out to the movies that night so I chose to wear the sandals. I was surprised at the gorgeous strap colours sent to me, and luckily they were a perfect fit! My first hurdle was actually learning to tie up the straps, the Shutini website does provide a couple of video tutorials which are helpful up until the last where a little slowing down might work in their favor. For us slow pokes to catch up! Also until you get used to the method, it might be a good idea to take a couple of extra minutes in getting ready before going out 🙂

The straps are made of a really soft material and so they sit comfortable on your foot/ankle/leg and can be tied quite tight without any pain or discomfort. Once you do manage to get these tied (and there are a number of different ways) the shoes take a little getting used to as they feel very light on your feet and give you the impression of wearing flippers. However once you get past the initial lightness, these shoes are incredibly comfortable and don't rub unlike a normal new pair of shoes! Might I add, I also got a few curious looks as they're nice and bright.

I'd definitely recommend these sandals, they're perfect for summer, going on holiday and also when going on a date 🙂


I was lucky enough to be a reviewer for these, and they are great flats. They arrived today and I've been playing around with them all afternoon.

When I opened the shoe box I saw three pretty little pouches with the different straps inside, underneath which was the bases, which are not as flimsy as I thought they would be from the pictures- they are fairly solid actually, for something so thin (around 0.6cm at the front, and 1.2cm at the back where there is a tiny heel).

They fit well, although I would have liked them to be a bit wider at the arch of the foot as they are a slim shoe - to get an idea of this see the photo where they are on top of my gold leopard print Havaianas Slims (in the same size as the Shutini) - which are already slimmer than a normal size thong.In fact in a size 8 these bases are only around 5.3cm at the arch area. Other than that though, they are about the same comfort level as any similar flat shoe, fairly light weight, and if you are used to wearing flats, or thongs these don't really feel any different.

What I like most is the potential to get creative - you can tie them in different ways, you can layer the straps, plait them if you have 3 straps of complementing colours (See pic of the 3 straps I have plaited), I think Neons and plain colours like blue, green and white would look great plaited or layered- If you are going to do this use the long straps, not short ones, as you lose some of the length with the plaiting.

I though the knots might either come undone as you walk, or be really hard to undo, but the fabric the straps are made of means that the knots actually hold perfectly, and yet they are very easy to undo - the orange neontini and aqua flirtini straps are made out of a fabric similar to swimwear fabric, so they tie, hold and undo very well, while the african black and white glamourtini strap is like chiffon, and is a little harder to undo, but not by much. All are quite comfortable to wear, although the neontini and flirtini straps have more stretch.

Other advantages I can see with these shoes are that you can share straps with friends (who don't have to be the same shoe size, as you keep your base), and they would be perfect for packing to travel somewhere tropical- lightweight, and you only have to pack changeable straps, rather than extra sets of shoes.

Overall, I already love these shoes and will be off to purchase more strap colours soon!


I had the good fortune of being chosen to review the new Shutini sandals, so of course I was very excited to receive them in the mail! I headed to the Shutini website to follow the simple videos to learn how to tie them up. I was sent 3 straps in cute little pouches and a b lack shoe base. My favourite was Spring in Bloom, a gorgeous yellowy floral pattern, and gold rings. I was also sent Bewjeweldtini - Bali Nights and Summertini's - Lemon.

I love how the material of the straps are so soft against my feet, and they were really comfortable to wear around shopping! The straps hold well, and are surprisingly not slippery and have a good grip

The shoes are perfect for travelling as the base and straps are compact and easily folded. The variety of straps available means you can have a huge array of looks.

The only thing is that it takes some time to get the hang of the different ways to tie them. Otherwise, I can wait to share the straps with my friends and buy more straps to mix and match!


Seriously super cute!


I love these strap colours, so vibrant. I think I will be ordering the floral bloom and red bali straps asap.


I was lucky enough to test out the new Shutini sandals as well 🙂 I was sent the purple, brown with beads (Divine luxury) and zebra stripe straps. They come packaged really nicely in a shoe box and little coloured pouches for the straps.

The sandals themselves were a little on the narrow side for fit. To give you an idea, as Steph has said, they are narrower than my Havaianas Slim thongs.

The Shutini sandals came with a little instruction card showing you how to tie the straps. But I actually find the website and the videos much more helpful. If you have some spare time before you wear these out, it is pretty fun to play around with the straps and see what different ways you can tie them.

The strap material feels a little bit my swimwear material. I was bit concerned that I might end up with a blister but the straps did not rub on my ankles or give me blisters.

I found these sandals really comfortable to walk around in all day. Having said that I usually wear my Havaianas around when I am not at work or going to somewhere where you can’t wear thongs.

These sandals are great, especially if you travel a lot. You can take a bunch of straps to match outfits.

Overall, I was left pretty impressed with the Shutini sandals and now I just have to decide what other colour straps I am going to order.


Wow, what a great idea! How had I not heard of these before now?? 🙂


Though the straps all seem to be more expensive (in some cases MUCH more expensive, for the fancier ones) than listed above - having just check on the Shutini website...


Sorry - my mistake, I can see that the basic straps are priced as listed above - my bad!