Wear This: Heavy Metal


From micro to minis and midis to maxis, skirts can be worn from season to season and is an everyday staple in many-a wardrobe. That expensive one-of-kind mini you thought you'd never wear again? Ha! You'll be laughing now - grab some black opaques to wear underneath your skirt and with a pair of booties to keep your pins warm. Cost per wear? Next-to-nothing!

To step it up a (fashionable) notch, add a splash of metal to the mix. Metallic skirts are on trend in a big way this season and are the perfect way to dress up your Friday night outfit.  To tone it down for everyday wear, pop on a light neutral knit to balance out the wow factor of the skirt. Bold colours blend deliciously with neutrals so try mixing up nudes, creams and camel with soft gold, lilac and purple. Perfection.


1. Metallic knit jumper, £20, Rare, topshop.com

2. Gold skater skirt, $103.83, nastygal.com

3. Everly shoes, $189.95, Jeffrey Campbell, solestruck.com

Image courtesy of Stephanie H @ lookbook.nu

How do you style your skirt? Tell us in the comments below!



  • Alishes says:

    Those skater skirts look good on no one. Making it a shiny metallic is not going to help. Well, that’s my opinion. I’m sure I wear stuff that other people don’t like. Skater skirts and tights as pants are pet hates of mine.

  • Tess says:

    Hmmm, interesting opinion! I personally love skater skirts, I have a pretty rectangular body shape and love the illusion of a waist this style gives me :)
    Meanwhile, I agree with you on your second point – tights as pants are never okay!

  • Monique says:

    I wish I didn’t look like a Christmas tree ornament in metallics like this!

  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    Love the skirt with the ankle boots.

  • Jayzee says:

    I personally love skater skirts! They look so cute with a knit jumper on top

  • DDGD - KristieG says:

    I’m loving all of the metallics this season, especially jumpers with metallic threaded through them. Bring on the cooler weather.

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