Test me: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Pack

Want to try some amazing beauty goodies? Well you’re in the right place. Register your interest for this DDG Trial Team below and you could be receiving some gorgeous beauty prodz to test and review in your post box very soon.

Here’s what needs testing this week: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Pack

Price: RRP$19.95 each

Brand: Bondi Sands

What is it:

Introducing Bondi Sands self tanning foam, for salon quality, flawless, ultra-even, streak-free tan in just one hour – NEW to the Bondi Sands self tanning range. This velvety foam provides that natural-looking, golden tan while maintaining healthy, glowing skin without the harmful sun exposure.

The unique, super-lightweight formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and long-lasting colour, leaving a subtly sweet fresh coconut scent in its wake.

Testers will receive the Bondi Sands self tanning mist, tanning lotion and new tanning foam.

Here’s how you get to test it:

1 – Make sure you are signed in (or you won’t see the form below).

2 – Quickly, quickly fill out the form below, and we will select 5 eligible submissions at random for this week’s testing panel. (Make sure you also let us know whether you’d like light/medium or dark tanning products so we don’t accidentally Oompa Loompa-rise you!)

3 – Once we have all five sets of details we’ll get the products and further instructions on their way out to you.


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Here’s a few other important bits and pieces you should know:

1 -You have to be a signed in member of DDGD to be a tester.

2 – You have to live in Australia to be able to be a tester.

3 – You have to submit your review within 5 days of receiving the product (or you won’t be able to do any more testing, swag claiming, or anything else fun on DDGD).

4 – As well as scoring some fab freebies, you also get DDG$20 for submitting a review.

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

Larissa Thorne (Deputy Editor)

When I'm not working on getting my first novel finished you'll find me buried under the great wall of credit card debt that I've collected over the years. I am a hoarder of shoes, jewellery, books and Disney DVDs and am physically incapable of restricting my chocolate intake.

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God knows my legs will need this come winter! xx


i use faux tan everyday and am an absolute perfectionist and lil miss fussy.. would love to try out these products and give an honest review


I set aside plenty of time over the weekend to trial this product. My main concern with fake tanning products is that they will turn my skin orange or unnaturally dark. So, initially I was a bit concerned when I received the dark tanning mousse to try. I usually use a light gradual tanning cream or moisturiser but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The mousse has a lovely coconut scent and is very easy to apply as the mousse is a brown colour and you can see where you have applied it and fix any streaky parts. After a while it did have the usual fake tan smell but it wasn’t as strong as other brands I have tried in the past. The application mitt provided is excellent and ensured I avoided stained hands. I also used the excess product on the mitt on my face, elbows and knees. This blended everything in very well. The first application I washed off after 4 hours and it left a very natural glowing tan which I was really pleased with. The second application I did two days later and left on for an hour and this just enhanced and, maintained the previous application. I would defiantly recommend this product and use it again my only issue is that summer is over so I won’t have many opportunities to fully show off my lovely tan 🙂


I consider myself a connoisseur of tanning, since I fell in love with the heady coconut smells and deep, rich colour that came from a bottle when I was 16.

Since then, I have stuck to my favourites (I found that the more exxy the fake tan, the better), but Bondi Sands has totally changed my opinion.

The colour is gorgeous and not too orange (although if you went overboard with the application it could). The smell is beautiful and not too obvious (a subtle coconut aroma) and the longevity is great (mine has nicely faded, but is still there a week later).


*Use the mit - this colour develops so quickly and will stain your hands (or anything else it gets in contact with)

*Don't use too much product - I found a dollop the size of a 20cent piece was enough for a whole leg

*Watch application around ankles and wrists and put a tiny bit of moisturiser on both before starting the tan - this will stop the product from going into the creases or folds of the skin.


Using a mitt with tanning creams and mousse is essential really. They assist in giving the most even coat of tan and help spread the product easily. Ive actually got some bondi sands tan put aside for summer 🙂


Hi Brides :)sorry it took me a while to see this comment.. my nail colour is Sally Hansen extreme wear, i cant remember the exact colour name but you should find it pretty easily. I brought mine from priceline 😀