Fashion Jury: Bella Thorne does a print double-dose


Actress on the up, Bella Thorne, showed she's one to watch in the fashion stakes too with her adorable and rule breaking  outfit for the Iron Man 3 red carpet.

Kate - "I love, love, love this whole outfit. I could never wear it myself (I'd look like a weird '70s sofa... or Kim Kardashian at the Met Ball... same thing), but the petite Bella absolutely makes this young, fresh and slightly nuts outfit werk! Even the hair and make-up is flawless, and the pop of neon on the nails. Well, it might just be love!"

Kristina - "There's only one thing to do in this situation and that's *WOLF WHISTLE*! I love the matchy-matchy vibe of this modern day Geisha outfit and how her gorgeous strawberry blonde locks offset the tangerine floral patterns on the two-piece garment. Yellow nails? Adorbs! Neck bling? So chic! Top knot? Just stop it. You bare that midriff, Bella, bare it to the world!"

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Tell us what you think of this kooky combo in the comments below!


  • Dana says:

    I think I’d like it more if it was a dress or the skirt was shorter. :) I do like that she kept things tasteful.

  • Monique says:

    I need this in my wardrobe… STAT! I love the shape that the little peplum and puffy sleeves add to the outfit – the pieces would look fab even on their own thanks to those little details. The cheeky bare sliver of upper midriff is so sexy without being vulgar (she is lucky that she is nice and toned there too!) and her understated up-do is perfection.

    As a self confessed pattern and colour fiend, this is everything I could ever want in an outfit. From the quirky orange poppy print to the neon yellow nails and orange lips! I think I have found a new desktop background :-p

  • Peta says:

    I want to hate this because I could NEVER pull it off, but lets be honest, its gorgeous. She is just perfect! How she manages to pull of that colour hair with that lipstick and the orange print is beyond me… Totally not fair 😛 Plus the nails, make-up, bling. Total love.

  • GMeers says:

    Wow, this actually works! It should be too, too much, but she pulls it off and looks fabulous! good on her. I am willing to bet there are few even in Hollywood that could look good in this ensemble!

  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    I love the outfit, makeup and hair – she looks hot to trot!

  • Kristie Giblin says:

    I love this outfit too. Everything seems so well thought out, it just works.

  • christy says:

    WOW. She looks so much older … in a good way .

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