How to Apply Bronzer For Winter 2013

The latest beauty tips for the colder season

Brr! It’s definitely getting a lot colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to look anything less than hot! When your body is covered from head to toe in a beanie, scarf, jacket, jumper, jeans and socks, it’s time to draw the focus to your face.

Bronzer is one beauty tip that makeup artists swear by all year round – it can really warm up a pale or sallow complexion in the cold months, and enhances a tan in the warmer season. We’ll tell you how to look more natural and less like a Jersey Shore extra – just follow these simple tips!

  1. It all starts with the right colour for your skin. Scour beauty product reviews to find the right powder bronzer for you – as a general rule, choose one shade warmer than your skin tone in winter.
  2. When applying bronzer, use a big, fluffy circular brush and tap off any excess product.
  3. Swirl the bronzer across the areas of your face where the sun will naturally hit it – your forehead, temples, cheeks, and lightly along your jawline. Don’t forget to blend it into your neck, and if you’re wearing your hair up, don’t forget to bronze the back of your neck too!

And voilà – that’s how you apply bronzer for winter 2013! Your skin will instantly look healthier and more luminous… just thanks us later! Do you have any beauty tips and advice about wearing bronzer in winter? We’d love to hear them – tell us in the comments section below!

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  • terri_berri says:

    Rather than using it as a highlighter as suggested, I am now using my bronzer at the moment for contouring. I apply it to the hollows of my cheeks, around the hairline and the jawline (like a shape of a “3″ on the face and slight dust of blush on the cheek bones give a nice flush to the cheeks for winter.

    I am also in love with using cream bronzers (i.e. NARS and Chanel), they are more workable and it lasts for ever!

  • GMeers says:

    Well this is timely! I just bought the Australis bronzing primer to try, thinking that I really need to give my skin/face a bit of a ‘lift’ this time of year! I never thought about actually using bronzing powder in Winter too, but it’s worth a try not to look so pale – well, most of my skin is pale, but my freckles stand out more, so I look like my face is always dirty! :(

  • mmitreska says:

    so helpful!!

  • Moonstone says:

    Great advice :)

  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    Bronzer for winter eh – I would never have thought. Thanks for the guide on how to apply. I have some inika bronzer that is unused as I have been clueless as to where it actually goes. But now I know!

  • Miss Rikki says:

    Even if it’s cheap and cheerful, I love the Essence Sun Club in Blondes, I have a light skin tone in winter and a light/medium in Summer so in Winter I just love this one for contouring. After I heard Karissa from SaturdayNightsAlrite recommend it so much I had to get it. $5.95 for a holy grail product? Yes please.

    • GMeers says:

      My thoughts exactly! Some products are worth forking out big bucks for; and some are excellent without breaking the bank!

  • neverendingdreams says:

    i need to get myself a good bronzer this summer

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