Road tested: Getting my skin in shape with Clearskincare Clinics’ Skin Gym


When your body starts to feel out of shape what is the first thing you do (other than buy new scales, clearly the first ones were broken!)? You hit the gym, right?

But what if it's your complexion that is letting the team down (yes bad eating, not enough sleep, and a few too many Savs effect your face just as much as your thighs). What do you do then? Well, you hit the Skin Gym, of course. What a silly question!

The Skin Gym is a genius idea from Clearskincare Clinics, which, in a nutshell, is a monthly subscription service to all those skin treatments no one ever gets around to doing often enough (but wishes we did). And because you are basically buying in bulk, you get them for just a little more than the cost of a gym membership (prices start at $149 a month).

Now as with any good gym, the program is tailored to meet your goals. So whether you want to sort out that adult acne once and for all (SGA is going to be your new best friend), banish sun spots and other pigmentation (IPL), or just want supermodel-esque glowing skin (Peels & LED Light Therapy should be top of your list).  Or maybe you are greedy and want it all. Either way, this is one membership you are going to actually want to use!

Plus on top of all that, you get an in-depth initial skin consultation, your choice of a mini facial + 30 Minute LED light therapy.  Where do you sign, right? (well here actually)



And of course, being the good little beauty guinea pig I am, I  had to road-test some of the more popular treatments before I could tell you all about them!



Your progress is tracked with facial imaging (and PS how scary is the "brown spots"  photo, this is basically the sun damage that just hasn't come to the surface yet!!!)



SGA (Sebaceous Gland Ablation - aka the Permanent Acne treatment)

This unique treatment is exclusive to Clearskincare Clinics and permanently removes acne and breakouts, reduces skin oiliness and shrinks and refines pores by eliminating over active sebaceous glands in the skin.

What is it?

In non-sciencey terms it is a permanent (yes, permanent) acne treatment, that works by zapping the problem Sebaceous Glands (where the oil comes from in the hair follicle), so they can no longer form pimples (full details here). Three to six treatments are recommended for best results.

This treatment is obviously great for teenage skin, but also for people (like myself) who might just get the odd hormonal pimple, or stress breakout.

How does it work?

The video here probably explains it best, but what it felt like was a teeny heated needle pricking the acne-prone area very lightly. It does sting a bit, and some spots more than others, but it's all over pretty quickly, and so it's very bearable.


Straight after the treatment you get what feel like tiny black heads on the treatment area, but once they clear away that's it, your pimples should be gone for good.

Check out the difference just 5 treatments made to one customers life in this video...



Crystalite LED Light Therapy

Red & Blue Light Therapy can be used for rejuvenating sun damaged skin, accelerating skin healing and stimulating hair regrowth. Red & Blue Light Therapy can also be effective in helping control mild acne.

What is it?

Ever wondered how celebs get that glowey, baby smooth skin? Well, they probably use this treatment, in combination with a skin peel which is what I did.

How does it work?

A light panel is placed over your face for 30 minutes. You are given very attractive special glasses to wear to protect your eyes during this time, but this bad boys is so bright it's almost like looking into the sun. I found the first minute or so quite uncomfortable it was that bright, but your eyes do adjust pretty quick and then it's fine.

The LED lights actually work to stimulate the production of collegen and elastin, which helps to make skin more supply and definitely more glowey (pretty sure that is the official term).


 The very first person I saw said 'Wow, what make up are you wearing, your skin is glowing' . To which I got to reply, ' I'm not wearing any'.  Not bad at all!


  • GMeers says:

    Ummm, sounds awesome, but my gym membership was $70 a month, and that was still a pinch to afford (so i bought some free weights instead and go jogging on the beach instead of the treadmill!

    All that aside it’s an interesting idea and I’d love to try out these treatments if I could afford it!

    • GMeers says:

      Especially the sebum-zapping treatment, I always have blackheads! :(

  • terri_berri says:

    This concept has definitely captured my interest, but for ~$150 a month for clear skin sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, I have booked in an appointment to try it out :) I’ll post later this week with my thoughts!

  • terri_berri says:

    So, I went into my appointment on last Friday where I decided to try out their $25 promotion for the SGA. Not worth it in my opinion as the whole process was less than 10 minutes (I should have gone for the full face) as they only do one small patch on your face and the girl that I had was quite pushy too and wasn’t really too much of help.

    Anyway, the therapist first removed my makeup (I recommend going without makeup in the first place as they don’t clean the skin properly)and they zapped a small patch on my jawline. On the patch that she did, it felt like little pin pricks to the skin. It wasn’t anything uncomfortable and I didn’t swell up or anything afterwards. The therpaist than soothed some gel onto the area and that was it.

    So, it’s now been 3 days since the treatment, not seeing anything at the moment, but there are a couple of spots that have broken out (but the therapist said it was normal as it was oils surfacing to the top after the treatment).

    I’ve booked in again for Saturday for the full face so we’ll see how that goes, but I am thinking whether I should go to another clinic as I am not fully confident with my current therapist.

  • lilsarahe says:

    could you give us another update? im thinking about having sga done but id like to hear from someone who isnt a testimonial on the website! thanks

  • Elly says:

    wow that’s scary….I am not sure if I want to know.

  • Alexandra says:

    SGA didn’t work for me so I don’t recommend it at all!

  • Alexandra says:

    Yeah I agree on that the staff therapist do not cleanse the skin properly which skin should be throughly cleansed before any treatment especially skin peel. Am starting to think the girls are not much experience!

  • Max says:

    I’m in my late 20’s and have suffered from severe acne since my teens. I’ve been on 2-3 courses of Roaccutane during my teens. It did work but the side effects isn’t worth another course. I’ve been on 6 SGA treatments since around 2012. I noticed improvements around the 4th treatment, however my acne is back again. One of the therapist has given me a permanent indent scar but extracting the hell out of a big zit during the treatment. In summary I’m very sceptical about SGA. Would like to hear from other people who have had severe acne and had success with SGA.

  • elvita says:

    Please shop around for SGA treatments. I’ve heard good reviews but I did the skin gym at Clear Skincare Clinic in Qld for six months and didn’t get any results for my acne or scarring. Every time I went there the therapist would give me conflicting advice about which treatment I should have next. Apparently something I should have done wasn’t good one week but “perfect for my skin” the next. In the end I didn’t trust their advice and sort treatment elsewhere.

  • olivia says:

    I am with you. It does not work. Less than 5 before and afters? I should have known it was a scam. And all the alcoholic and acid filled products they insisted I smear over my face twice daily made me discolour. I wish I had never been there. What a waste of time and if you stick with their products it will add YEARS to your face. I saw a naturapath and am now on the right track. Even taking befoee and after photos and seeing such an improvement on the quality all over. PLEASEEEE nobody go here.

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