Going Platinum: 9 ways to salvage your blonde hair

blonde hair

Let’s face it, having blonde hair is no easy feat — it takes work and some serious maintenance to keep your tresses light, bright and shiny. There’s the issue of faded copper tones and brassy shades, which fair headed lasses avoid like the plague, and then of course the dreaded pool-induced ‘green tint’.

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But whether you’re going platinum like Miss Monroe, looking to sport some ashy blonde a la Lara Bingle, want some Gisele Bündchen-esque golden streaks or even trying to channel your grandmother’s grey mane, rest assured these healthy hair tips will come in handy so you can prove to the masses that blondes really do have more fun. 

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

How do you maintain your blonde hair? Tell us in the comments below!

Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

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  1. Id love to have platinum blonde hair, i tried and it just doesnt suit the colour of my skin or brows sadly. But i envy blonde ladies big time! Especially when they dip dye there locks.

  2. Since going from very very very dark brown hair to honey blonde hair, I have found that using John Freida’s Sheer Blonde lightening spray is fantastic for maintaining salon-fresh colour. Before using it I found that my hair will fade to a dull brown a few weeks after being dyed, but regularly using the lightening spray means that my hair looks lovely and light all the time! It’s pretty cheap too, win-win!

    1. Yes I love this product too! I use it to blend in my regrowth even though I just go from dark blonde to copper red – it makes the time between colouring pass much more pleasantly!

  3. It was a slow and gradual change from dark locks to blonde for me. Before this, I’d never even had blonde highlights, so it was a big risk, especially with my dark brows, but I love with bright and blonde! Colour maintenance is a bitch though, especially as I’m now rocking a pinky undertone which fades pretty quickly.
    I love the sound of that mineral powder to keep regrowth at bay!!

  4. I use Goldwell Colorance ‘Soft Colour'(semi permanent soft mousse colour) in 10-V (pastel violet blonde) – even though I have quite dark blonde hair I find leaving this in for 40 minutes (longer than recommended) really gets rid of any brassy-gold tones and makes my hair look like I’ve gotten it recently highlighted.

    Whilst only semi-permanent, it’s great to use before events and lasts quite a few sessions (hair falls below my shoulder blades). Buy it online at about $18 a bottle ($22 in store), though worth popping into a hair store to see what colour they would recommend for your hair.

    ABSOLUTE BEST semi permanent lightener I’ve used!

  5. I’ve been blonde for centuries now. I’ve always had it done by a professional hairstylist. they know what they are doing. Always have a treatment when I visit and use my hairdryer as little as possible because that just cracks and breaks the hair strands. If you look after your colour it will always look great.

  6. Tess, yes i love my mineral hair powder by spilt milk it’s a must for masking my contrasting dark roots. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I’m also loving it as a volumizer as I have fine hair that is quite flat with 0 body so it gives me a nice lift especially around the crown area so i can do a nice pin back style or actually look like I have a nice full head of hair when wearing it down. Enjoy!

  7. Being so blonde takes so much maintance but Its worth it. I use fudge purple shampoo weekly to keep my hair from going yellow. Highly recommend it <3

  8. I used to colour my hair blonde until it the upkeep got to be too much but I found toner was a must.

  9. I’ve never heard of using mineral powder to hide roots, I hated the up keep dying my hair lighter

  10. Great post DDGD! Totally addicted to Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder in blonde since trying it. The smell, the results it has on my dark roots and the instant body my hair gets. I can now maintain a blonde colour without the yucky regrowth period between my colours. Total saviour!