Reader edit: My favourite thing (Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color)

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Reader edit: My favourite thing (Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color)  | lip service guest edit feature beauty 2  pictures

When it comes to lip colours, I am a sucker for anything that is pink, peach or nude. So with the launch of the new Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colors (mind you I am a die-hard Bobbi Brown fan), I knew that these were lippies I needed to try.

A surprise came in the mail from Bobbi Brown to have this lippy trialled (in the 1 Passion Fruit) out for them. As much as I was excited to try this out for them, I was worried that the colour they sent out was too orange as it first appears to be. It ends up that the colour is a beautiful coral pink – perfect for the summer, but for the freezing Melbourne, it looks as if I have just popped off a plane from Hawaii.

Initially, I thought these lippies were going to be similar to the Revlon Lip Butters or the Dior Addict, but no, they weren’t. They are definitely more pigmented/opaque and maybe a little less moisturising than competitors, but I love the “creaminess” of them. In the picture included, a swatch of the Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color is on the left of my hand and Revlon Lip Butter (in Peach Parfait) is on the right. They come in 14 different colours so I’ll definitely be heading to my Bobbi Brown counter to try out the other colours (I think there are some that have shimmer in them – who doesn’t love glitter?!).

In order to have a sheer look for this Bobbi Brown lippy, I only had to just very lightly stamp the lippy onto my lips, press them together and I had enough colour to last me a whole morning without having to reapply after two coffees and an English Breakfast tea. I have posted a picture of the lipstick mark that it left on my mug after my tea – highly pigmented right? Being a more creamy texture, I highly recommend giving your lips a scrub to remove any dead skin for a smooth application.

Would I buy another colour of this lippy?! Hell yes. In all colours? No, I think there are probably other brands that will probably have similar colours, which are half the price and are just as good as these.

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