Homewares DIY: Leather Plant Hanger from Design Sponge

We're going gaga over these crazy cool leather plant hangers that were originally created by Steven Soria of the Make Smith Leather Co. ever since we found the tutorial for how to make them over at the Design Sponge. They take those pretty and popular macrame hangers to a more rustic place and they perfectly complement homes with an earthy or neutral colour palette.


  • purified water
  • vellum tracing paper (8.5” by 11” at the art supply store)
  • 4 pieces of long rope strands, leather laces, hemp twine, etc. (3–4 feet)
  • leather dye (optional) & gloves
  • 1 square foot of veg-tanned tooling leather (12” by 12”)
  • masking or packing tape
  • dull pencil
  • carpet knife and/or X-ACTO knife
  • computer and printer (for printing template)
  • template
  • sponge for wetting and dyeing

Head over to the Design Sponge to get all the step by step instructions for how to make these ah-mazing planters (Or if you're not feeling particularly crafty you can buy them direct from their Californian creator at the Make Smith Leather Co.).

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  • Moonstone says:

    Oh I love DIY and when I get out of this rental ill be going nuts around the house. It sounds so easy to achieve and looks fantastic. I can picture them now hanging around my out door enclosed varander….lets hope i get one.

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