How to Wear: The perfect leather jackets for you

leather jackets

How to rock out this street style with confidence

Leather jackets speak volumes of the person that wears it. It can be a bad ass gesture in an “IDGAF, I’m wearing my leather and I’m going to rock it!” kind of way. It can be as laid back as Fonzie-sipping-an-icy-crush-in-a-snow-storm.  Or it can be kind of cute and sweet, like when my mum wears her leather blazer. Hiya mum! You adorable thing, you.

Since the humble birth of the ‘bomber’ jacket in World War Two, the leather jacket has moved away from the boyish bomber cut, and has been tweaked and tailored to suit a (much) more feminine shape. The cropped, the embellished, the waterfall – the options are endless, which is lucky because this urban street style is definitely not a case of one shape fits/suits all.

It’s not just a garment; it’s a lifestyle choice, people, so it’s worth paying a little extra, and taking a bit more time to find a fashion piece you’ll keep forever. Well, until your daughter steals it anyway. Thanks Mum!

Ready to invest in some leather love? We’ve got the lowdown on the best shapes and styles of this street wear fashion for everybody!

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What leather jackets will you be rocking this season? Tell us in the comments below!

Rebecca Volpe

I’m in my final year of studying a Media and Communications degree (hooray!) and I enjoy eating my breakfast out of a jar, drooling over Johnny Depp and long walks on the beach. I also have a growing obsession with jackets and hats!

  1. Definitely need to invest in a good leather jacket. The one’s I have now look so baggy on me and just not a good fit.

  2. I like most of the looks but the classic, biker jacket is my fave.

  3. i love leather jackets!! I would LOVE one in red – a true red, not a wine/oxblood/maroon red (and one that I could afford too!)

  4. Not a big fan of leather jackets but I don’t detest them or anything. I have a faux leather jacket that I get lots of compliments on whenever I wear it. The texture is nothing like leather but it kinda looks like leather.