Oil slick: 7 oil skin care products that can save your skin

oil skin care products

7 oil skin care products that can save your skin

You've heard us hammering on about it for a long time now but we're not going to stop until every single one of you has gorgeous, glowing skin. I'm talking about using those hydrating, multi-purpose oils that will not only quench your skin, but cure any other beauty ailment it may have. While this may seem counter-intuitive if you're suffering from acne or severely oily skin, some oils can actually be beneficial in helping to clear up acne, while restoring your skin to its baby-smooth beginnings.

Not only can these clear skin wonders help fight sun damage, acne and ageing but they can also soothe itchy or dry skin and protect from free radicals (all those pesky environmental pollutants that want to turn you into the crypt keeper!). The key to harnessing the awesome power of oils is to find the potion that is right for your skin and before you know it, this magic elixir will have your skin glowing so bright, your workmates will need sunglasses.

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Which oil skin care products do you use to keep your skin quenched? Tell us in the comments below!


  • Dana says:

    I have a bottle of rosehip oil that I haven’t cracked open yet. Will do so ASAP! Also, I would love to give coconut oil a try.

  • michelle says:

    I’ve been using rosehip oil for a couple of months now – it definitely helps to fade acne scars! I also use tea tree oil occasionally.

  • Moonstone says:

    The results from a RHO always amazing me. I should really buy another bottle now that ive used up my last one. I love the Kosmea RHO and Trilogy RHO, both are stunning.
    The Jojoba oil is on my wish list to try next though.

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