Reader review: Shine Bright Like A Diamond With A L’Oréal Shine Caresse Lippy

L'Oréal Shine Caresse

Reader review: Shine Bright Like A Diamond With A L'Oréal Shine Caresse Lippy

If you're like me, when you pick up a lippy to wear out you expect something that will stay put for hours and hold its colour. I've tried many lippies in my day, some of which perform well and some which have the staying power of a child by its mothers side in a toy department at the shops. I couldn't wait to get my mitts on a L'Oréal Shine Caresse lippy after reading so much positive news and one day I finally did! Now I can share even more positive news with you today.

The design of the product is so modern and eye catching; I love how the golden packaging is paired with the natural shade of the lippy itself. By simply looking at the product you can see the exact shade of lippy that you are reaching for, they look stunning.

L'Oréal Shine Caresse

The applicator is a sponge and is held by a short handle. I like this as I find it easier to be more precise when I place it on my lips. Each time I hold the wand to my lips, I can smell the fruity scent that the lippy holds. It smells just like a strawberry dessert to me and it's good enough to eat.

I use the shade Romy which is a lovely, chic, soft pink that goes well with any eye combo. As I apply it to my lips, it has a nice moist texture that spreads beautifully over my lips. I usually apply two coats. As it absorbs, it settles on my lips to create a shiny stain. It's lovely and light weight and keeps my lips hydrated, winning!

L'Oréal Shine Caresse

I can get hours from an initial application and it holds its strength through both eating and drinking. I could go on and on about these but I'm sure you all need to get on with the rest of your day so what I will say is that I'm so impressed with these lippies. They are indeed quite marvellous and I cannot recommend them enough. Take the dive, buy and try if you haven't already!

Nikki aka Moonstone x |


L'Oreal Shine Caresse, $23.95,

Have you ever tried L'Oréal Shine Caresse Lipsticks? If not, are you keen to? Share your thoughts below!

This awesome post was created by: Moonstone


  • Moonstone says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my post DDG. I had an absolute ball writing it and hope all the DDG readers enjoy it too xx

  • meedee says:

    ooohhh…how wonderful the sound.
    What a lovely review and a very beautiful reviewer.
    WOW WOW WOW!!!

  • GMeers says:

    Ooooh yes, I will definitely have to try one of those for myself! Romy was the colour I chose when L’Oreal had a shine Caresse Facebook competition a while ago :)

  • Andy7819 says:

    I have this in Lolita, Eve and Juliet and love how light and moisturizing they feel on my lips.

    • Moonstone says:

      I love how light they are too Andy :)
      I’d love to own the whole collection.

  • missvalentina says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m really curious to try this lippy for myself now :)

  • thecatwhosawstars says:

    I won two of these recently and cannot wait to try them out.

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