Zip Up: Buh-bye studs, it’s time to zip it!


Without a doubt, less is more for me when it comes to fashion.  I love classic pieces with just a hint of door-bitch-at-biker-bar detailing.  It's all about the little details that can make a simple outfit stand out without looking too OTT.

My detail of choice used to be a stud or two (or nine or 15, who am I kidding, I could never have too many). Now that just all feels a little last lunch-hour to me, and I am honing my shopping radar onto a new type of embellishment. The zip! It’s modern, chic and for the minimalist chick like myself, it’s the perfect way to add a little something extra to your outfit.

Browse through our collection of some of our fave zippy pieces now.

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Are you a fan of zip details? Tell us in the comments below!


  • GMeers says:

    i like functional zips, but sometimes zips just for details add a bit of unwanted bulk to an item

  • Moonstone says:

    Zips can look lovely, i prefer them at the back or sides when it comes to a mini skirt. I love deco zips as well on hand bags :)

  • Lucy Margaret says:

    Personally I don’t love the zip trend. I could learn to embracxe it but it doesn’t immediately grab me. My stepmum recently bought a top with a decorative zip from Paper Scissors and I like it.

  • Mel Hoffmann says:

    Meh… Not a fan of a zip for decoration
    Maybe I’m too old?

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