DDG TV: Florsheim does shoes to fall in love in (and with)


Do you remember what you were wearing when you met your love (I do, its was my favourite skinny jeans, a black tank and a pair of brand new silver and tan leather sandals that just happened to be giving me blisters). Whether it was a floaty Summer frock, bad-ass leather dress, your rattiest gym gear or a power-lady pant suit. These items of clothing will forever be that bit more special.

So I guess it's pretty clever the Aussie shoe label Florsheim would think to capture this delicious wardrobe moment through their latest ad campaign (watch it below).

Looking for a new pair of shoes to fall in love with, or in, this Spring, then check out the new Florsheim Australia range at www.florsheim.com.au now.

Tell us below which of the new FLorsheim styles you've just fallen in love with (or even feel free to share what you wore when you feel in love last!)


  • GMeers says:

    I’m crushing on those black and white striped numbers in the top picture! So cute!!

    As for what I was wearing when I met my gorgeous, hubby, it was actually that long ago that I don’t remember…but I remember he was wearing nothing but a towel 😉 (We lived in a co-ed uni college!)

  • Miss Rikki says:

    I have to agree, I love the striped shoes!

  • sommy7 says:

    Same, Same, stunning black/white shoes

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