Man vs Food: Meals to make for the first man in your life


Father's Day is fast approaching and what better way to honour the very first man in your life than by going old school and making him a meal? I remember being a kid and teaming up with my sisters to attempt to make our dad a delicious Father's Day breakfast. Inevitably it would result in a combination of burnt toast, severely overcooked eggs, inedible pancakes and a whole lotta mess!

These days I'm a much better cook (insert shameless plug right here), but since we live on opposite ends of the city it's quite unlikely that I'll make it over to his town to cook him up a breakfast but I can definitely make him something delicious to snack on. The rules of man food are fluid and change from man to man (so yes, we've included some healthier turkey-based options for those of you concerned about heart health), but they generally involve meat, cheese and a healthy side serving of beer.

Bottoms up, pops!

Image courtesy of The Kitchn

What did you make for your dad on Father's Day? Tell us in the comments below!


  • meedee says:

    Oh gosh…if it includes bacon then im in..yum

  • catn2kittens says:

    I am going to show my fiance this – he is going to want me to make EVERY SINGLE ONE!! My teenage sons will love these recipes too :) and as for potato wrapped in bacon? Try and stop me!

  • cherg says:

    Yum, yum, yum. If I made any of those I know my man would love me more.

  • GMeers says:

    WOW! Some of those combos are interesting! I’ve had bacon and pancakes before (never that novel a design though!) but caramel and bacon on a bun?? Must try!

  • Miss Rikki says:

    I think my boy and my dad could be in for a treat!

  • thepinkshoe says:

    We took dad out for brunch his year but I am planning on making him dinner for his birthday this week!

  • Brides says:

    Potato wrapped in bacon?!? Hells yes!!! 😀 Definitely going to make this for the grand final this weekend. Nom nom nom..

  • Briell Daraban says:

    I’m American living in Australia and when I saw the cheesy bacon bomb recipe I nearly died! I have always loved Pillsbury grands but I know we don’t sell them here in Australia. HELP? What can I do then?

  • neverendingdreams says:

    the bacon and corn griddle cakes seem yum and simple

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