Wear Your Meal: Food inspired clothes and the recipes to match


After reviewing my latest shopping purchase, I was left feeling rather...hungry. And no it wasn't just because I'd worked up a tummy rumble from trolling through hundreds of pages trying to decide what I wanted to buy (Although that was a factor. Shopping is hard work guys!), but because the pink-glazed doughnut that adorned my new jumper had just enough sprinkles to make my mouth water (Cue Homer Simpson-style drooling here...).

Now it seems like everywhere I look, there's a future purchase of mine that's covered in some of my favourite foods from burgers, to cakes and everything in between. The only downside is obviously that while I'm working up this hunger just from staring at my socks, my plate is left bare and Vegemite on toast just isn't going to cut it anymore.

It's time to start cooking my clothes. Or cooking meals inspired by my clothes. Yeah, that's probably easier. I might never match my undies to my bra but it's definitely time to start coordinating my cooking with my clothes.

Image courtesy of Ruby T. @lookbook.nu

Which is your favourite combo? Tell us in the comments below!


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