Web want: Multi-coloured organisation at your fingertips

I'm one of those organisational creeps who drools over stationery and gets excited by trips to Officeworks (Not gonna lie, proximity to Officeworks is my most important consideration when house hunting.) so I've been going absolutely gaga over these retro-cool colourful label makers from MoTex. Currently available in pink or green, these hand-held wonders have got all your labelling dreams covered and make an incredible desk accessory as well.

If you're not completely sold on the amazing merits of the label maker (I'm already planning on labelling my hypothetical children's belongings with this baby in years to come.) then we should probably mention that the embossing tape (That's right embossed. Printing is for suckers!) comes in variety of colours including pastels, primaries and neons. Colours are sold individually for $3.95, but the labeller comes with 1 roll. Let's get labelling already people!

SHOP IT: MoTex Embossing Label Maker, $19.95, larkstore.com.au

 Are you a label freak like me? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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