DDG DIY: Leopard Print Nails

It was our gorgeous PR intern Kim's last day recently, and being the little nail maven that she is, Kim decided to do one final nail tutorial for DDG. Leopard Print was on the agenda this time around, and I have to say — how freakin' cute did they turn out?!

The great thing about this sassy tutorial is that you don't really need to have years of schooling and a surgeon's steady hand to achieve the look, it's that easy! Seriously, anyone can pull this one off, so follow these steps to release your inner jungle animal. PS. We'll miss you Kim!


  • 2 polish colours  (one for your base and one for the leopard spots)
  • black nail polish
  • a fine tipped paint brush
  • a nail art dotting tool


1. Paint on 2 coats of your base colour. We used bright yellow!

2. Using your dotting tool, apply small splotches of varnish over your nail bed with your second polish colour in a polka dot effect.

3. Once your dots are dry, with your fine tipped paint brush, dip into your black polish and then draw little squiggles around the polka dots. The key is to not connect the squiggles. They should look like mini c's or teensy half moons. You may want to apply a top coat at the end so your nail art lasts.

Told you it was easy... now go get your ROAR on!

Will you be dabbling with leopard print nail art this weekend? Tell us in the comments below!


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