Flower crowns: A DDG Moodboard full of feminine floral halos

flower crowns

Flower crowns : The pick of the bunch

I know you've got a line up of music festivals, outdoor BBQs, garden weddings and boozy picnics coming up, and I know you really, reaaaallly want to try something different with your tresses this time around, which is why I'm urging you to snag yourself a flower crown for the sunny season.

A step up from your average daisy chain, these bohemian accessories will inject the perfect whimsical touch to your sunny weather get-up and will happily allow your inner free spirit to run wild (I know she's hiding in there somewhere).

From minimal, muted colour schemes, to loud and overstated floral patterns, there are so many chic halos out there on the interwebs, you'll be spoilt for choice. You can even whip one up yourself, with this clever DIY from Hair Romance.

Hippy dippies, rejoice!

Would you wear these flower crowns? Which one? Tell us in the comments below!


  • thepinkshoe says:

    I love numbers 2,5 & 6! I think I could get away with wearing number 5 around spring racing carnival but otherwise I wouldn’t have a suitable place to wear them. They are so so pretty though.

  • Brides says:

    oooh! #3. Gorgeous. Feeling inspired for the music festival season. T minus 3.5 months till BDO, surely I can channel my inner creative goddess by then. 😉

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