Off the wall: Statement mirrors to make you (and your abode) look good


Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Why are you the dullest of them all? Seriously?

Considering that they're such an important part of interior design (especially if you're working with a small space that you want to seem larger) statement mirrors seem to be one of those items that people are pretty content to just grab the first reflective surface they can find and stick it to the wall without any further thought. But that would be like walking into a clothes shop and buying the first thing you see without trying it on first (or at least considering your options!).

Mirrors come in a huge — and we mean HUGE — variety of styles, colours, designs and price points and can change the whole look of a room in a second. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen a high-class, refined apartment that has the whole look ruined with a rustic driftwood mirror. So sad.

Do your house a favour and give your mirror a makeover with one of these stylish options.

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Which type of mirror would suit your house? Tell us in the comments below!


  • sommy7 says:

    Love mirrors in the home, brighten the decor

  • Andy7819 says:

    Such totally gorgeous frames!

  • cherg says:

    Big fan of mirrors. Have three in our living room. One is so big we had to get a professional picture hanger in to put it up.

  • GMeers says:

    love the idea of mirrors in the home, but we have very few spaces available to accommodate one! What I’d really like is a large, weather-sturdy mirror for my outdoor entertainment area, to brighten it up in the daytime without having the lights on! (Ok, well, I’ve found some but boy, the price-tag!!)

  • neverendingdreams says:

    love these and most of them are so surprisingly affordable

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